The New York Jets looked a lot like the team we all know they are tonight. This team has some serious problems and the answer is NOT Tim Tebow! I think it starts at the top, so Rex Ryan is going to have to face the facts: his team is in disarray and he has no idea how to fix it.

On the other side of the field was the New England Patriot, leader of the division and clearly on their way up in the AFC and the power rankings. Did anyone really doubt how this would end?

After a slow start for both teams, the Patriots showed why they have been the class of the AFC for more than a decade. It starts at the top with the ownership of the team. Robert Kraft is passionate about the game, and understands what it takes to be successful, too.

He brought in Bill Belichick to win; and that's all that Bill has done. Win #200 is an incredible plateau in this era of parity and puts him in elite company.

So, this game was never close. The visiting patriots had their way despite some mental mistakes early. The 2 main keys were a dominant offense and a stifling defense: can you ask for much more than that? Okay- solid special teams helped,too.

John Madden gave his Thanksgiving award to 3 players: Tom Brady, Steven Gregory, and Vince Wilfork. I think he could have given out more turkey legs than that. And I am going with Gregory as the hero of the game. He was all over the field tonight and was involved in 4 turnovers in defense, including a fumble recovery return for a touchdown.

Brady and Welker played very well, but it was Shane Vereen who surprised with some impressive all-purpose yards. Aaron Hernandez also played well in his return from IR, while Daniel fells got on the stat sheet with a good catch over the middle as well.

And then there's the Jet stat sheet: Mark Sanchez actually went over 300 yards and the offense looked pretty diverse (on paper). But that does not tell the tale of this game, or this season. You just can't give the ball away that much and expect to compete in the division.

Sanchez only threw 1 interception so I can't pin this one on him even with the fumble he lost). It's hard to label any one player the goat here, but I have a job to do so I'm gonna' bite the bullet and blame:


Wait for it...

Rex Ryan. This team is a reflection of him. He has not done what he needs to do to put the team in a winning place. They are undisciplined because their head coach is undisciplined. And I'm going to disagree with myself and a lot of other commentators and say that he needs to give the ball to Tebow. That's right: until he makes major changes, starting at the most important position, he, and the team, will fail. That's what we saw tonight. Mark Sanchez needs to be made to feel that he is out of time and on the chopping block. Maybe then the Jets can compete. Maybe.