After what seems an eternity for Patriots fans and detractors, the draft is now within everyone's purview. As a somewhat interested party I find the more interesting question being the when and not the whom!

Bill Belichick has over the years confused and befuddled those who absolutely knew whom he was going to draft and some have even ventured to try and guess whether he would be trading up or down to achieve his ultimate goal of drafting the player or players he desires for his team.  So as not to confuse those who are reading this article I have absolutely no idea of where or whom they will select.

I have my own suspicions and will share my opinion with you all shortly. The Patriots have been linked to several if not all of the proclaimed top prospects who entered the 2013 draft, some of whom have varying issues to contend with, some are battling injuries suffered during their collegiate careers, while others have either legal or personality issues that have a propensity for leaving fans wondering why their particular General Managers and Head Coaches would even consider drafting someone of less than endearing qualities!

In the Patriots fans they don't question the motivating reasons as to why Bill Belichick drafts a player because they have a mantra for which the all subscribe "In Bill B. We Trust".  A classic example or two would be easy to supply as I could regale you all with the stories behind such players like Aaron Hernandez, Brandon Spikes or even the more recently drafted like Alphonso Dennard, as each of these guys had questionable pasts, with Bill  it's his team first and my way or the highway dictum that has reshaped the minds of the aforementioned players.

So as we approach the upcoming draft we should all expect the un-expected from Mr. Bill and his traveling prestidigitation show, he will more than likely move up or down in this draft as he has over the last 12 years as the main grocery shopper for the New England Patriots.

As I promised you all earlier in this brief article I will now disclose my suspicions as to his game plan for this years draft and please remember this is just me playing the role of Bill Belichick master magician.

Since it is obvious that his team has needs in more than the usual positions we must all believe (and rightly so) that he will need to trade either a player with (i.e Ryan Mallett) value that he presently has under contract, or he will have to trade down and out of the first round by trading the number 29 pick in the draft, and acquire a sufficient number of draft choices allowing him to address the teams needs.

Most of the actual draft guru's have New England's most important need as being a wide receiver where as I actually think a cover linebacker is more important since they were exposed all last season as being unable to cover the tight ends and slot wide receivers and were really exposed in the leagues championship game against the Baltimore Ravens as their slot guys just ate up the smaller defensive backs the Patriots used in an attempt to cover them and of course their were the two tight ends who just ran over the slow footed line backers the Patriots used in coverage.

With all that said I believe the that with the first selection either Kiko Alonzo or Sio Moore with what I'm guessing will be a second round draft choice... Like I said it's not an exact science predicting what or where or even when Bill will select but those are my guesses and now I hand the wand as magician of the day to you the fans... Magic, Mystery and wonder, oh my!