Champs of the Game:

Tom Brady - Who woulda thunk it? Terrific Tom taking apart the Denver Tebow's defense was almost a foregone conclusion, but no one thought he was gonna blow up like this. 26/34, 363 yards, 6 TD's, and a 137.6 passer rating. He breaks the yards record, passing record, and he punts...all before the 4th quarter! What can this guy not do? Sit on the bench apparently...but more about that later.

Aaron Hernandez - Okay so if you cover Gronk, Hernandez will kill you, you cover Hernandez, Gronkowski will kill you; but what happens if you put Hernandez in the backfield...whaaa. While Gronk gets the limelight (and should after spending some time with Bibi Jones), Hernandez averaged 13.8 yards a pass and 12.2 yards a rush...A RUSH PEOPLE! Without getting too technical, putting Hernandez into the backfield creates a matchup nightmare for teams who don't know who to put on the field.

Bill Belichick and Crew - What a game plan! 35-7 after the first half even with giving up two turnovers...what domination. The most under-rated move was the hiring of Josh McDaniels, which should go down as one of the best post season coaching changes EVER.....although it was probably the first post season coaching change ever. Lose the time of possession by 7 minutes, -1 turnover margin, and win the game by 35; sounds like an unstoppable force to me.

Tim Tebow - Say what you want, but the guy didn't give up the ENTIRE game. On top of that, when Denver was down by 35 they brought Tim under center and had him handing off stretch runs. When he was in shotgun he was making great throws or scrambling and trying to make things happen. He plays with great heart, has a steep learning curve, and he doesn't turn the ball over. If you take nothing else away from this game he played great even with Fox's handcuffs and terrible play calls.

Chumps of the Game:

Denver Broncos Offensive Line - Did I miss something during the week? I heard that John Elway had an O-line only meeting this week. He said if they got Tebow hurt, he would re-sign them all to 10 year 100 million dollar deals....or was it 7 year 70 million? Was their 5 wide receivers were playing on the O-line for Denver during this game? I know you won your division AND the Steelers with Tim Tebow, but c'mon Broncos; you really can't be THAT arrogant. I swear I have NEVER seen so many free rushers in a single game. John Fox might want to check the equipment manager because I think he tied the laces of the linemen together for this game!

John Fox and Crew - You're down 35 points and you have your QB under center handing off the ball...REALLY? See what Tebow has in 5 wide before you say he can't do it. Tebow has run the spread option (4 n 5 WR's) since COLLEGE, give him a chance to sling it! What are the two knocks on him? He's not great mechanically or reading defenses; but he's getting better. Giving him 5 wr's in a spread would have helped him read the D (like Brady), and maybe after a couple picks he woulda worked hard in the off season in making his delivery quicker.

Defensively the staff didn't have an answer for Brady. They were on the field much less then usual, but they still let Brady and Gronk set records. John Fox said that they had saw Hernandez running the ball in film...then why didn't they TRY and stop it!? The Patriots have Deon Branch and Wes one's going deep. Bring down your safeties or play a 46 defense, bump and double team gronk and Hernandez, bump and single Welker and branch, bring put 5 guys on the line and have them play the run on the way to the pass. Fox said that they watched offensive film; but after watching the game plan, I seriously doubt it.

Bill Belichick and Crew - Don't be confused, Belichick is a champ AND a chump. You're up 42-7 in the 3rd and you don't sit Brady? What about seeing what Mallet has, or getting Brian Hoyer for a trade, or...i don't know, keeping Brady healthy!? It's like the Patriots WANT Brady to get injured. I swear for a football genius, Belichick is an arrogant fool who will eventually have to drink his medicine.