Who hasn't noticed that the New England Patriots have had performance issues so far in the 2012 campaign? Well, this isn't the first time in their history that the Patriots have struggled to beat inferior teams while totally dominating others. In fact, it was rather common back in the early days of the franchise.

And we also know that the team has deteriorated in defensive prowess over the last few years as well, bringing Coach Belichick's defensive genius into question. While it might be easy to go straight to the top, let's keep in mind that the personnel on that side of the ball has been a revolving door in recent seasons, mostly due to injury, but also as a result of free agency. When your best defenders flee for "greener pastures" as greats such as Richard Seymour, Ty Law, and Asante Samuel; finding the right replacements can be a crap shoot.

We have also seen a number of injuries to the likes of Andre Carter, Patrick Chung, Ras-I Dowling, Brandon Spikes, Jermaine Cunningham, Brandon Deaderick... sometimes fill-ins step up and sometimes they don't. But every team deals with injuries and the Patriots did manage to appear in the Super Bowl last year; so we could say that Bill Bellichick has continued to make the most of whatever talent is available.

Enter Josh McDaniels... it seems that trouble has a way of appearing right alongside him wherever he goes. Am I being too harsh? Let's reminisce: McDaniels left the Patriots to Join the Denver Broncos shortly after the Spygate Scandal that rocked the football world and cost the Patriots dearly. Of course, Coach Belichick took the blame for that affair as any good coach would do; but shortly after that, though few remember, a similar controversy hit the Bronco organization, and McDaniels was subsequently shipped to St Louis.

We all know what happened to the Rams and a certain young, promising quarterback by the name of Sam Bradford. I think that team management was all too glad to let him walk. I think that the talent of the New England Patriots during his first stint with the team masked his complete lack of football sense. Otherwise, he has had mediocre success at best.

Bringing him back to New England was a shock to Patriot Nation and an even bigger mistake. With the best running game in recent Patriot memory, he has succeeded in conserving that talent when it is needed the most. In an interview following the loss to Seattle, McDaniels admitted to favoring the passing game, playing right into the hands of their defense. This fact was overlooked by Patriot's writers who credited the reliance on the passing game to a FAILURE in the run game.

It doesn't take a genius to see that if you don't run the ball much, you can't fool the defense for long. Perhaps McDaniels only favors the run on 3rd and long. In any case, the Seahawks sat on the passing game, giving Brady and co. all they could handle.

Josh McDaniels apparently has a short memory and isn't comfortable with torching opposing defenses for 350 yards on the ground. Maybe he thinks that the older Brady gets, the stronger his arm is getting. Let's not sell Mr. Brady short, but let's support him with two of the best backs in the league.

If you want my opinion, Mr. McDaniels doesn't belong in New England. Maybe he doesn't even belong in football.