Cam Newton Cam Newton and the Panthers controlled every aspect of the game this past Sunday.

Newton had quite possibly his best game as a pro.

He threw for 287 yards and two touchdowns while adding another 116 yards on the ground with another touchdown. 

Cam led his Panthers to their first victory over the Falcons since 2009 and showed Panthers fans that they do have a reason to be excited for their future. 

Over his last five games, Newton has played his best ball this year. He has compiled 10 passing touchdowns and two interceptions while adding three rushing touchdowns.

The Falcons' defense did as best a job they could have done considering the offense was held scoreless for the entire first half. The game could have easily been a blowout if the defense had not held the Panthers to three field goals in the first half after the initial touchdown.

The offense for the Falcons looked pathetic in the first half. The Falcons managed only three total drives in the first half. All ended in punts an none lasted more than five plays. Possibly the most astonishing stat is that the Panthers held the explosive Falcons to a measly 35 yards for the entire first half.

Matt Ryan and the Falcons' offense did show some life in the second half. They managed to make the Panthers sweat a little before the final gun. Matt finished the game with over 300 yards and two touchdowns. He did throw one interception in the fourth but it occurred on a fourth down play that saw the Panthers pressure Ryan and force him to throw on the run.

When the game was finally over, the Panthers had completely controlled the Falcons and earned their fourth win of the season.