As the old saying goes, the second best player on your NFL team is your backup quarterback. If that's true for the Green Bay Packers, they could be in some major trouble.

Last week the Packers released quarterback Graham Harrell because they believed he wasn't good enough to be their backup quarterback. Many believed that meant that newly signed veteran Vince Young won the job of backing up Aaron Rodgers for the year.

Well, think again.

The Packers dropped another bomb shell yesterday by releasing the veteran Young and leaving B.J. Coleman on the roster to backup Rodgers.

Coleman was on the Packers practice squad last year and the Packers were hoping that at the begining of training camp, Coleman would compete with Harrell for the backup position.

Coleman though, had a disapointing camp with Harrell and that's why the Packers brought in Young. Even with the pressence of Young, Coleman still didn't improve his play and was even subjected to just scout team reps in practice.

Still, the Packers released Harrell and Young and look to be settled with the idea of having Coleman back up their superstar Aaron Rodgers. The Packers need to rethink their decision.

Coleman showed no signs of improvement this year. While he does have an NFL calibur arm, he was very erratic in his throws and at times would never be consistant in his play. He had very bad decision-making skills and struggled when there was pressure on him. Coleman is still young and needs one more year on the practice squad to work on these issues. If the Packers are forced to play Coleman during the regular season, you can almost bet their season is over. In fact, maybe that's what the Packers are thinking too. If they lose Rodgers, their season is over.

If that is the Packers mindset, they couldn't be more wrong.

The Packers are a good enough team that if they were to lose Rodgers for any amount of time during the regular season, they could still win some games with a capable backup quarterback. Maybe not as many as with Rodgers, but they could still be competitive. Their defense is improved and having Eddie Lacy in the backfield will improve their running game.

The Packers need to look back on history and look at teams who had a capable backup quarterback that came in for an injured starter and won games for their team and sometimes, even a playoff run and a championship. The St. Louis Rams and Kurt Warner are a perfect example.

While you can't predict the next backup quarterback that could do what Kurt Warner did, the Packers can't afford to go in the season with Coleman as their backup. The Packers offensive line is still a question mark and if Rodgers does get hurt, their season could be in trouble with Coleman at the helm. And if the Packers have the mindset that if they lose Rodgers their season is over, they are terribly wrong. The Packers have a good enough team to win some games with a good, veteran backup quarterback. It's time they realize it too.