Breaking down the Packers' 2012 schedule

Vs. Cardinals: I don’t think Kevin Kolb is ready to beat Rodgers yet. The Cardinals' defense and run game can keep them in this one. Larry Fitzgerald should have a great day vs. the Packers' weak defense but it won’t be enough to win. Packers 34-24

Vs. 49ers: Well this is the NFC Championship that most fans wanted to see. Not me, I’m a Giants fan and you have your classic offensive fireworks show vs. an elite defense. The 49ers have to come to Green bay for this one. The 49ers are a team that travels well with a strong running game and defense. I’m going 21st century and taking the offense of the Packers. Packers 27-17

Vs. Jaguars: The Jaguars post one of the best running games in the NFL. Unfortunately for them they don’t have the rest of the offensive weapons yet to score with the Packers. A great defensive unit and run game can keep the Jags in this game. Packers 30-13

Vs. Titans: The Titans have a very good team led by Matt Hasselback. They have a former Pro Bowl RB in Chris Johnson or my name for him last year (CJ just barely 1K). I expect this team to be much better coming into 2012. Kenny Britt is coming back from injury and Chris Johnson is expected to find his groove again. This could be a trap game for the Packers riding high at home. Overall I like the Packers; I think they will be ready for Titans. Packers 34-30

Vs. Saints: The Saints bring a high-powered offense to combat the Packers' offense. Unfortunately for them they won’t have Sean Payton calling the shots. The loss of draft picks and the head coach could cause their season to spiral. Don’t underestimate Steve Spagnuolo; he was a key part of the Giants shutting down the Pats' high-powered offense in 2008. Packers 34-27

@ Bears: The Bears have a much better team coming into 2012! It will show this week; I have the Bears pulling off the upset over the Packers. The Bears now have a complete team - they have a Pro Bowl offense, defense, and special teams. As long as the Bears address the O-line in the Draft they will be a scary team in 2012. The Bears could have the best 1-2 punch at RB in the NFL. Most NFL Teams can’t afford Pro Bowl QB, WR, RB at the same time - so don’t under estimate it. Bears 31-23

Vs. Bears: See above comment.

Vs. Lions: The Lions caught some NFL teams off guard last year positing multiple come-from-behind victories. I don’t think they will surprise as many teams this year. The Lions have a solid front-four and can rush the passer but the secondary needs work. I think Rodgers will be able to take apart the back half of this defense well assuming he doesn’t get Suh Stomped. Packers 34-27

@ Lions: See above comment.

Vs Vikings: The Vikings are a good young team behind Adrian Peterson. They are rebuilding and will try to play the division rival close but the Packers win this one. Packers 31-17

@ Vikings: See above comment.

@ Rams: The Rams simply don’t have enough firepower on offense or defense to keep up with the Packers. Sorry Rams fans your team is in a rebuilding mode chalk this up an L. Packers 37-16

@ Seahawks: The Seahawks have their new QB calling the shots now. Guess what he also knows Green Bay’s playbook! I think this could be one of the closer games for Green Bay this year. I’m going to take the starter over the backup. The Fans get very loud here despite not having much to cheer for in years past, and it will help even the game out. Packers 31-27

@ Texans: The Texans are great young team who rallied behind a 3rd sting, 5th round QB to make a playoff push last year. The Texans are good and only getting better; the offense will return intact this year. I expect the Texans to have one of the best if not the best play-action passing game this year. I expect that will be the formula to beating the Packers this year. The Texans are missing a few pieces on defense but look for them to fill those needs via the Draft. This is a complete team at home and I’m taking the Texans in the upset. Texans 31-20

@ Colts: Andrew Luck will have his work cut out for him this week. His task: outscore the league MVP, Aaron Rodgers. The Packers have just about every advantage over a Colts team that is rebuilding. Packers 41-16

@ Giants: Traveling to the defending champs is never easy but the Packers won’t be intimated by this challenge. I don’t see the same blowout score from last year’s playoff game repeating. The Giants' defense is much healthier coming into this season. This should be an even match that could go either way. I will take the Giants at home with the defense getting to Rodgers just enough to secure a win. Giants 34-30

I have the Packers finishing 12-4, though I could see them getting possibly one more win to 13-3. The four losses coming from the defensive issues. Feel free to comment to let me know why you agree or disagree.