This past April, Louisiana State University star running back Jeremy Hill was hit with a simple battery charge after striking a man in the face outside of a Baton Rouge, LA bar.  This is not the first time Hill has been involved with police.  

Back in high school, he was sentenced to probation after a misdemeanor charge of carnal knowledge of a juvenile, but let's not go there.  If you need to know more, look it up.  Coach Les Miles recently decided to reinstate the Tiger running back even after the altercation and violation of probation.  

Coach Miles has been known for his leniency when it comes to disciplining his football players.  He calls himself a players' coach, but that can easily backfire.  There is a fine line which can easily be overstepped when a player and his coach become too friendly.  

In my opinion, Les needs to take a stand and punish his team in the appropriate manner.  Tough love is what's needed here.  His players need a football coach, not a best friend.  The decision to reinstate Hill was based at least in part on a vote by the rest of the team.  Who's running the show in Baton Rouge?  The coaches or the players?  Based on this most recent, in a long series of bonehead moves, Coach Miles deserves a segment on ESPN's Monday Night Countdown's "C'mon Man."  With that said, LSU should have parted ways with Jeremy Hill.  With the Tigers' high-powered offense, they are better off without the baggage that comes with him.

LSU already has two veteran running backs who are perfectly capable of shouldering the burden.  Kenny Hilliard racked up almost 500 yards, averaging 5.6 yards per carry on only 82 attempts.  Those are pretty good numbers in my book.  Then there is Alfred Blue, who missed a considerable amount of action in 2012 due to a season-ending knee injury.  When he did play, his numbers were great.  Can he bounce back?  It seems as if he's doing well so far.  Let's just hope it stays that way come kickoff time.  Both are incredibly talented football players and both can do a substantial amount of damage to opposing defenses when carrying rock.

The Tiger football team made a superb move on the coaching side of the ball by acquiring Cam Cameron, an offensive genius.  Cam has been in the coaching business since his days at Michigan back in the 80's and 90's.  He has worked with several NFL teams including the 2012 Super Bowl champions, the Baltimore Ravens.  His specialty is the quarterback position, and with Zach  Mettenberger coming off of a decent year, look for Cameron to help number 8 improve his stats significantly this season.  Mettenberger has the potential to be a standout  in 2013, and with the quarterback intelligence Coach Cameron has to share, look for the Tigers' offense to excel in the air.

Getting the opportunity to be an NCAA athlete is a privilege, not a right.  It should not be taken for granted.  A player who misbehaves is not only letting himself down, he is disappointing his team, family, friends and fans as well.  If you break the rules, accept the consequences. I understand that Jeremy Hill is a crucial part of the Tigers' offense, but with a healthy Hilliard and Blue, the backfield will be just fine.  Besides, with Cam Cameron on board, look for the Purple and Gold to pass the ball more than ever this season, which will take all that added pressure out of the backfield.  I'm over Hill, how about you?