Aaron Rodgers About a week and a half ago, Brett Favre came out to the media and said "Aaron Rodgers will break most of my records." Shocking. Especially for Favre.

But even though he says it, it doesn't mean it's true. But is it true, based on Aaron Rodgers' stats right now?

Lets take a look.

How it looks

Favre is known as one of the best quarterbacks in the history of the game. He owns most of the records in Green Bay, as well as the career passing yards record in the NFL.

Do you think Rodgers can catch up to 71,838 yards? As of now, Rodgers is in his 9th year, almost half of Favre's 20 years, and he only has 21,661 yards.

It's discouraging, but keep in mind, Favre started 15 games for the Packers in his sophomore year, and then started every game from there out to his last season, where he missed three games. That's four games over 19 years.

Rodgers sat behind Favre until his 4th year in the league. Over those three years, he closed seven games for Favre, for 329 yards, 1 touchdown, and 1 interception over 35 completions. Those stats are about one games worth for Rodgers now (except with more touchdowns, and most likely no interceptions). Also, Rodgers missed a game in both 2010 and 2011, due to a concussion and being the No. 1 seed, respectively.

When it comes to touchdowns, he's not looking 'too' bad. With 171 touchdowns, he's only behind Favre's 508 by about 373. Favre holds the career touchdown record as well.

Rodgers is an elite quarterback, no doubt, but he most likely won't even stick around for 20 years. I'd guess, at most, 17 years. That's about eight full years, so lets do some math.

What Will He Break?

Rodgers is at a disadvantage because of those two extra years Favre got. Rodgers is never going to break his games-played streak. It will be surprising if anyone ever does.

Passing yards is out of his reach, unless Rodgers sticks around for nine more years, and throws 5,575 yards every single year. Which, I don't think will happen.

As for touchdowns, it's actually decently possible. If he throws around 40 touchdowns per season, he could break that record in about eight and a half years. It's not looking like that will be hard for him, seeing as he threw 45 and 39 in the past two years, respectively.

He could pass Favre's one Super Bowl win though. Rodgers and Favre both won the Super Bowl at the age of 27, but Rodgers is poised to break another, because Rodgers is actually the better quarterback.

Rodgers is Better

Aaron Rodgers is the better quarterback. He's got a 104.9 passer rating, compared to Favre's 86.0. Favre also owns the interception record. That's one that Rodgers probably doesn't want to break though.

Rodgers' completion rating is a little better, at 65.7, opposed to Favre's 62.0. He also averages about 4,266.4 yards per year, while Favre holds a 3,780.9 yards per year.

Favre only averaged about 26.7 touchdowns per year as well as a 16.8 interceptions per year. Rodgers averages 34 touchdowns per year and only 9 interceptions per year.

All these stats are from when they were starters, not backup players.

Rodgers will have the better career, but he won't break many of Favre's records. Based on this information though, Who would you rather have leading your team?