Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are known as two of the best quarterbacks in the game today, and even in history. But which one is better? They're both known for two different styles, Brady being a sharp-shooter and Manning being the field general. Well, we've got the stats to see who is better, so lets take a look!

Who's the Favorite in the Regular Season?

Peyton Manning is obviously an elite quarterback. He averages about 4249 yards in the 14 years he played (not including 2011). He's thrown an average of 31 touchdowns per year, and has an impressive 95.7 passer rating. His interceptions is what brought that number lower than it should've been. He's thrown an average of almost 15 interceptions every year, even though he has a completion rating of 65.2.

Tom Brady's stats are impressive as well. He's thrown an average of 30 touchdowns yearly (not including his rookie year or 2008). He throws approx 4073 yards averaged over those 11 years. His passer rating is only 96.6, which is odd, due to his average of only 11 interceptions yearly and a 63.7 completion percentage.

Granted that Manning has played 45 complete games more than Brady, Manning still looks like the better quarterback in the regular season. But where elite-ness only counts in the playoffs. So who IS the better quarterback in the post-season?

Who's the Favorite in the Playoffs?

Tom Brady is the one of the best quarterbacks ever, due to his three Super Bowl rings from his six trips. He holds the single-season passing touchdown record, with 50 that he scored in 2007. Brady is great in the playoffs, playing in 24 games in 10 seasons. The question is constantly being asked: Is he the best quarterback in NFL history?

Peyton Manning isn't so great in the postseason, having 21 interceptions in his 21 postseason games. He's made it to the playoffs 12 seasons in his 16-year career, but only making it past the first game in four of those seasons. Manning is known for his great decisions, and even better defensive-reading skills. But he only has one Super Bowl? He made it to a second, but a poor decision turned into a pick-six and a loss to the New Orleans Saints.

Six Super Bowls to two? Not too convincing that Manning is better anymore... With stats like Manning's in the post-season, it's shocking how he plays so well in the regular season.

Who's better overall?

Combining the totals of both passer's passer rating averages of those from the regular and post seasons, here's the conclusion:

Brady has an 85.1 passer rating and Manning has an 86.2.

Manning is the better quarterback?

Yes. Even in the intangibles, he's a better quarterback in my opinion. Brady is a great quarterback, and in my opinion, could be the best quarterback to ever lived, but Manning is better when it comes to stats and knowing the game of football. But if you want a Super Bowl winner, pick Brady. Manning likes to choke in the playoffs, but kills in the regular season.

Based on all this, who would you rather have leading your team? Leave some comments! I'd love to hear your opinion.