The Red River seemed to be flowing north today because it was an upstream battle for the Longhorns. Texas has now lost nine straight games to teams in the AP top 25, and Mack Brown may feel his seat a little warm after the Sooners had their way with Texas.

The Good: Boomer Sooner

Oklahoma was better on all sides of the ball but they destroyed Texas on the ground.  Five different Sooners got carries as the back field got 353 yards on 50 carries and 5 touchdowns. The Belldozer was running at full speed as Blake Bell got 4 touchdowns. Damien Williams had the longest scoring play in the rivalry’s 112-year history on a 95 yard run. Brennan Clay, Dominique Whaley, and Trey Millard all had success on the ground.

The Bad: Texas Defense

The Longhorns could not stop anything at all. It was like no one ever showed anyone on the D to wrap up. The Williams 95 yard run should have been stopped at the line. Millard got a 75-yard gain by making two guys miss. Oklahoma converted 11 of 18 third down conversions and their one attempt at a fourth down conversion. The Sooners had 8.6 yards per pass and 6.7 per rush as they pulled the Longhorns pants down on what seemed to be every other play.

The Ugly: Mack Brown

This rivalry has been one of the nations best mostly because of coaching. Bob Stoops and Mack Brown have been some of the premier college coaches. Brown has struggled since Colt McCoy and company made the run to the National Title. He hasn’t seemed to recruit well and Texas hasn’t been Texas in a few years. He was out-coached today and the David Ash, Case McCoy experiment has failed and will bring up controversy again. Coach Brown is one of the highest earning most tenured coaches in the nation, but he might be looking for a job soon.