Landry Jones barely gathered the Sooners up for a late rally in the first quarter to tie the game 7-7 with a throw to Kenny Stills for a 68 yard touchdown.  A far cry from what should have been happening with the number four ranked team in NCAA Division 1.

Still tied 7-7 at halftime, Sooners’ fans have to be thinking “please, oh please, not a repeat of last year.’ Where in 2011 the number one ranked Sooners never lived up to the hype and went on to take lashings from the Big 12’s Baylor, Texas Tech and Oklahoma State - crushing all hopes of any serious bowl appearances. 

To help remedy things on the defensive side of the ball, baby brother Stoops rejoined the team at his brother's request (head coach Bob Stoops).  Mike Stoops had left the team to go coach for Arizona and is now back on the field (literally) as the head defensive coach. By literally, I mean at one point baby brother rushed on to the field to scream at his slacking defensive line. 

UTEP Miners only helped the Sooners to a win with one blocked extra point and two blocked field goal attempts, hooking attempts left and right.  The Sooners fished out a 24-7 win against what should have been an easy opener.

It seems this year's Sooners aren’t off to any better start than last year and showing their sluggish, less than ambitious strive to win, against the never ranked UTEP Miners, confirm the “Sooner Nation” should stock up on Kleenex and memoirs of 12 years ago along with their Saturday chips and dip.