Peyton Manning:

Since starting out the 2013 season, Peyton Manning has been sensational, throwing seven touchdowns with no interceptions in the Denver Broncos' season opener against the Baltimore Ravens, tying the record for the most passing touchdowns in one game, and being only the second quarterback to throw seven touchdowns with no interceptions.

vs Baltimore Ravens(49-27): 7 TDS, 462 YDS, 64.3%

@New York Giants(41-23): 

vs Oakland Raiders(37-21): 3 TDS, 374 YDS, 86.5%

vs Philadelphia Eagles(52-20): 4 TDS, 327 YDS, 82.4%

@Dallas Cowboys(51-48): 4 TDS, INT, 414 YDS, 78.6%

vs Jacksonville Jaguars(35-19): 2 TDS, INT, 295 YDS, 66.7%

@Indianapolis Colts(33-39): 3 TDS, INT, 386 YDS, 59.2%

vs Washington Redskins(45-21): 4 TDS, 3 INT, 354 YDS, 68.2%

Mid-season Totals: 29 TDS, 6 INT, 2,919 YDS, 71.2%

Over the course of only eight games, Manning has thrown for 29 touchdowns, more than his season totals(16 games) in 1998, 1999, 2001, 2002, 2005, and 2008.

Now entering the mid-season, Manning has only one game with less than 300 passing yards, six games with three or more passing touchdowns, and one game below 64% of completed passes, all the while leading his team to a 7-1 record.


If one expects him to perform in his next eight games like his first eight games, Manning is on pace to throw 58 touchdowns, 12 interceptions, and 5,838 yards -- while he may not be able to keep up at this current pace to fufill the projected season totals, he is a sure candidate for his fifth MVP award, or his second AP NFL Offensive Player of the Year award.


Calvin Johnson:

Last year, Calvin "Megatron" Johnson broke the record for the most receiving yards in a season(1,964), and this year he has accumulated the second most receiving yards in a game(329). There isn't much to say about the 6'5" 236-pound receiver who has having yet another historical season -- Johnson has displayed his dominance by leading the league in receiving yards two years in a row, as he hopes to make it three this season.

vs Minnesota Vikings: 37 YDS

@Arizona Cardinals: 116 YDS, 2 TDS

@Washington Redskins: 115 YDS, 1 TD

vs Chicago Bears: 44 YDS, 1 TD

@Cleveland Browns: 25 YDS

vs Cincinnati Bengals: 155 YDS, 2 TDS

vs Dallas Cowboys: 329 YDS, 1 TD

Out of seven games, Johnson has only had three games in which he had less than 100 yards receiving, and is able to catch passes even while being TRIPLE-teamed, as he showed against the Cincinnati Bengals, as he racked up 155 yards and two touchdowns.

Megatron has played one game less than majority of other receivers due to being plagued by an injury, yet he still leads the league in receiving yards(821), with A.J. Green coming in second with almost 100 yards less(734).


It will be a tough decision if Peyton Manning and Calvin Johnson can continue to play at a high level while having historical seasons, who would you pick if you had to decide?