16-60-1. That's my record this year. Before you hit 'back,' my losses are quite inflated. This year, I couldn't write three weeks worth of NFL prediction due to various circumstances. With that being said, I chalked all of those games up to losses. Excluding those weeks, I'm 16-15-1. Yeah, you can go ahead and hit 'back' now.



Palmer's 11 interceptions is second only to the dumpster fire that is Eli Manning's 2013 campaign. This week, Palmer gets to face the Seahawks defense which ranks second in both turnovers (17) and pass yards allowed (188). 

Has Carson Palmer's legacy disappeared? Were his magical years with Chad Johnson and TJ Whosyourmama a fluke? What a shame, I thought he would go out on a better note than this.



Do the Bucs seem like a winless team? I just don't feel the hopelessness felt with the Jags and Giants. 'Mike Glennon' and 'Starting QB' scream hopeless, so does 'head coach' and 'Greg Schiano.' MRSA, releasing WR Kevin Ogletree, game-losing personal fouls; okay , so things sound hopeless.

But they don't feel hopeless. If Mike Glennon continues his progression and plays at any level above terrible, this team could squeeze out six wins. Talent is in abundance in Tampa; the Bucs feel just one turn from being a damn good team. 

A win against a Julio-less Falcons could be that turn.



Calvin Johnson is questionable, however I expect him to suit up this weekend. With Megatron in the lineup, Detroit's offense has the possibility of dropping 40 on anyone. The Bengals are good, especially on defense, but the Lions are a different team at home.



Many pieces of the Miami defense are questionable this weekend, Thad Lewis is hoping they sit out. At full strength, the Dolphins can bring the pressure which may be too much for the Bills' Duke product to handle.

Look for Tannehill to have a big game and snap the Fins two-game losing streak.

Will Miami ever find an answer at runningback?



Tom Brady knows the Jets. Regardless of whether Gronkowski plays or not, Brady isn't losing to the Jets. The Pats defense is really banged up, which will factor in heavily further down the road.



As an organization, I see no reason to bring back Michael Vick after this season. Unless the price is right, the Nick Foles era is here...at least for now. Can Foles go blow for blow with Romo? Both defenses will be laughably bad this week. I'll take the points.



RGIII is slowly coming into the form he shown last year. That's the good news. The bad, is that he's yet to get there yet. Plus, he's facing the best-turnover defense in the league.



Both teams have been widly inconsistent this year. I'm going to take the one that's won their last two and getting six points.

In terms of fantasy, I took a pretty big flyer on Tavon Austin. Now he's been pushed down the depth chart below Chris Givens, Jared Cook, and Austin Pettis? Who even are those guys? Here's to Austin regaining whatever value he had.



Keeping with fantasy, Drew Brees has a bye, and I needed a replacement at Q. I'm not sure if this is a joke or I'm serious, but I'm going with the Jaguar trifecta. Chad Henne will lead me to a fantasy win, the Jags will cover, and the Jags will also win. Let's make things interesting!


49ERS -4 at TITANS

Albiet against inferior opponents, the Niners offensive struggles seem to be behind them. Now they head into Nashville to face a Titans squad with Ryan Fitzpatrick at Q. Fitzpatrick has four interceptions in his last two games. 

After this week and next week's bye, Ryan Locker is expected to be back at quarterback. That's good news for a Titans team looking to sneak into the playoffs. Keep in mind, six of their last nine games will be against teams with losing records.



Injuries have decimated both the Packers' wideouts and linebackers. No matter how much one doubts Brandon Weedon's abilites, you don't think the Browns D can keep things relatively close?



You know the set up. The struggling Texans are going into Kansas City with Case Keenum at the helm to play the undefeated Chiefs. I feel bad for Keenum, Arrowhead Stadium against the league's best defense isn't ideal for someone's first start.



Everyone has bad predictions. My embarrassing pick of the year was having the Steelers win the AFC North. Screw me, right? With Le'Veon Bell back, there's an upside to Pittsburgh's offensive struggles. Can he be the cure? Too early to tell.

As up-and-down as the Ravens looked, they've learned lessons from their losses. The offensive focus is stricly run first while the defense is better than people think. They can get after the quarterback.



After this bizarre turn of events involving Colts Owner Jim Irsay and Peyton Manning, anything seems plausible. I'm just going to take the points and enjoy the game. I'm also glad to see the return of Von Miller (as a Broncos D owner in fantasy).



Freeman will elevate the Vikings. The organization's faith in him only further my beliefs. His first start will be against the winless Giants; until the G-Men win, why would I think such a thing is possible?