Chad Ochocinco was released from the Patriots, and it sparks the question, is his career over?

Granted the New England Patriot system is notoriously one of the most difficult systems in the league according to present (and past) players. Perhaps Ochocinco simply could not adapt to Bill Belichick’s game plan.

It is more likely that he could not compete with the ten other wide receivers that the patriots have on their roster. The list of ten includes all-star Wes Welker who is one of the league’s best receivers, as well as new acquisitions Brandon Lloyd and Joseph Addai. Needless to say the Patriot roster is overpowering at the wide receiver position, as Ochocinco simply couldn’t compete.

Since he joined the Patriots last year, his performance has begun going down the tube. He only had 15 receptions for one touchdown last season. However, his level of play started to go down long before he arrived at Foxborough.

Ochocinco started his career in Cincinnati in 2001 and became one of the Bengals most important WRs. Since 2010, his production level has been diminishing with less than ten TDs over two years. In his last year with the Bengals, Ochocinco had 14 receptions for a disappointing four TDs.

So the question remains…is Ochocinco done in the NFL? Right now there are very few teams interested in his services. To make matters worse, he was essentially cut by the Patriots for not being able to learn the system. How can another team take a chance on a guy who can’t learn a new system fast? There is definitely a point against Ochocinco there.

Another mark against Ochocinco is that he has spent over ten years in the league and is starting to age. Yes, he has been reported to be “in shape” by the Boston Globe, but it is hard to teach an old dog new tricks. His best bet at this point is to wait until training camp gets going, and hope that another team gets plagued by injuries to give a shot at making a roster.

If he does get signed by another team, he will have to work incredibly hard to get a starting position. I believe that he is a safer choice for any team then say…Terrell Owens. But if I had the option. I would simply take neither.