Terrelle Pryor Wow.

That was my reaction when I saw the magnificant 93-yard touchdown run by Terrelle Pryor against the Steelers last week. 

Not only did he completely fool the defense, but he also managed to outrun the entire Pittsburgh secondary.

Easier said than done, but I will try not to let that run cloud my vision as I answer a very frequently asked question: Should Terrelle Pryor be Oakland's quarterback for years to come?

To answer that, we must weigh the pros and cons, and determine whether he has the tools to be more than a highlight on ESPN.

As I look at the cons, I could see why many would be hesitant to label Pryor as a franchise quarterback. He has thrown just 5 touchdowns to 7 interceptions, and his QB rating of 77.2 isn't anything special.

He needs to get the ball down the field more often, as well as learn to be patient in the pocket rather than always look to run. His team accounts for just 176 pass yards per game, worst in the league. And he also must lead the offense to more points, as they rank only 26th in the league with 18 per game.

However, there is a lot to like about his game. He has completed 63 percent of his passes, which is fairly impressive for a first-year starter. His running ability has been sensational, as he leads his team in rushing and averages an astounding 7.4 yards per attempt. Because of this, Oakland is a top 5 rushing team. 

And, for the most part, he (as well as an underrated defense) keeps his team competitive despite having not much to work with on offense (McFadden averages less than 4 yards per carry and cannot be trusted to stay healthy). Basically, he is a spark to a team that is lacking playmakers and has helped Oakland stay in the thick of things at 3-4. He has also done all of this despite being sacked 22 times behind a subpar offensive line.

Can you imagine how good Oakland's offense would be with a running back like DeAnthony Thomas or a receiver like Sammy Watkins? It's scary to think about, but it could happen if Oakland drafts wisely in April. An electric offense, which would fill the stands and give hope to Raiders fans, is finally possible for a team that has been one of the worst in the last decade. And that type of offense starts with Pryor.

 All in all, I believe that Pryor is the long-term answer in Oakland. He is the type of player Oakland should build around, and they must provide him with an offensive line and playmakers to help take the pressure off of him. His development as a passer is also essential, and that should come with good coaching and more playing time. Once he reaches his full potential, especially with a good supporting cast, I see great things happening for the Raiders.

They just need to stick with him.