The Oakland Raiders are the most influential football franchise in the NFL and possibly in all of sports. The silver and black uniforms, and rebellious nature that has been tied into the Raiders' persona is something that has become forever ingrained in the history of sports.

The look, the people, and the players that have helped to project that image into American culture are legendary, and will be talked about forever because of the impact they have had on the landscape of both sports and entertainment.

Look at the rap group N.W.A from the late 80s. Look at the uniforms of baseball's Chicago White Sox or basketball's Brooklyn Nets, or the Miami Heat's alternative uniforms. All of them have been influenced by the Raiders. The Raiders are a transcendent franchise.

So to pick four icons from this rich history would be very difficult. There are so many people that are worthy. There may not be a big enough mountain for all the people and players that have helped the Raiders become the social phenomenon that they have become in pop culture, and achieve the excellence they have had on the football field.

But if I had to choose four, these would be the men I would choose.