Darren McFadden Divisional foes, Kansas City and Oakland, squared-off at Arrowhead Stadium in a Week 8 showdown.

The Raiders managed to march into Kansas City and steal a win on the road.

The Chiefs fell by a score of 26-16. Although there are a number of things that we could touch on, let us look at the five key components surrounding this game, and maybe the future for these teams.

Turnovers Continue to Haunt Chiefs

Kansas City has been horrible all season long with ball protection.

The Chiefs have 25 turnovers through the first eight weeks of the season. At 1-6, we can see that these giveaways have plagued Kansas City's chances at success tremendously.

There have been 13 interceptions and 12 fumbles on the season. The Chiefs' lone win this season came with only one turnover, which speaks volumes. Kansas City averages 4.2 giveaways per game. At that rate, the Chiefs will not win another game this season.


McFadden Goes for Triple Digits

It's no secret that star running back Darren McFadden has a world full of potential. However, this has not been his greatest season of showing it. Mc Fadden has only rushed for 438 yards and two touchdowns, leaving him right in the middle of the pile of eligible backs.

Although his season has been mediocre thus far, the Raiders have secured victories in each of the two games where McFadden has rushed for over 100 yards. He is an extremely capable back who possesses the ability to break one or two big runs in a game. If Mc Fadden can have a big day, rushing for 100 or more yards, the Raiders can win football games.

Charles Held to Nothing

Jamaal Charles was held to only four yards on five carries and three receptions for six yards. And although I'm sure the Raiders would like to credit themselves for the stat line, it was pretty much the fault of the Chiefs. With Charles being the team's most valuable weapon, the Chiefs put themselves at a complete disadvantage when not involving him more in the offense.

It doesn't help that when asked about it, Crennel said that he wasn't sure why Charles had minimal activity either. There are a lot of things wrong with the Chiefs, but excluding your best offensive weapon is inexcusable. If you plan to compete, then put all of your chips on the board.

Raiders Have Home-Field at Arrowhead

It seems as if Kansas City has more luck against the Raiders in Oakland than they do in their own stadium. The Chiefs have not beaten the Raiders in Arrowhead since 2006. That would make them 0-6 up to this point, while they've done significantly better in 'The Black Hole,' with a record of 4-1 ( at Oakland in Week 16).

These teams seem to play with more motivation when on the others' turf. I'm sure when looking at this, the Raiders will try desperately to slow down Kansas City's success when coming to Oakland. If the trend stays the same, the Raiders are always a safe bet at Arrowhead.

Battle for First Place

Despite the fact that the Broncos are looking more impressive by the week, the Raiders have put together a two-game winning streak and haven't given up hopes on a run at the AFC West. After Week 8, Oakland finds themselves in a two-way tie for second place in the division with the San Diego Chargers.

Both teams are just a game back of the Broncos at this point, while the Raiders still have to travel to Denver.

As for the Chiefs, it seems as if they're also in a battle for first. With the way the season have unfolded for Kansas City, they are making all the choices to assure that they'll be the first overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft.

The Panthers and Chiefs sit at the bottom of the NFL standings with identical 1-6 records, however I do believe that the Panthers have a better quarterback in Cam Newton, that assures at least three more win on the season. However, I'm not so sure I can say that about the Chiefs.

Rookie quarterbacks have performed at a high level this year. It may be in the best interest of the Chiefs' organization to look long and hard at a strong draft board.