On paper this one is not going to be fun for the silver and black. On the field it just might surprise everyone involved.

Especially the Jolly Walrus and his crew.

This is the epitome of what we call a trap game. One team is on a roll, stomping the guts out of everyone they play. One is a tweener, neither good or bad defines them, but it is clear the effort is there.

The team on the roll comes in a little slow, perhaps a little disinterested and.....they get punched right in the grill. The Chiefs are better than the Raiders in almost every conceiveable way. This is not an issue, we all know this. Atlanta knew that they were better than the Jets. Not so much last Monday, though.

Here are three predictions for this game:

Jamaal Charles will have a ridiculous day. 
I am talking 100 yards on the ground and 100 receiving. He cracked 100 rushing against a tough Titans D last Sunday and I believe he will continue rolling. With Avery hurt and Bowe only visible on the side of a milk carton, he will have all the receptions he can handle as well. Monster day.

Terrelle Pryor will carry his team with 3 TD's as the Chiefs won't be able to contain his rushing.
Pryor has stunned us, not just with his ability to run (we always knew he could do that) but with his deep ball touch and desision making. He has nothing to lose going into this game, and that makes him very dangerous.

This is going to be a much better game than people think and will be won with a field goal.
A long one. Do you hear me Sea Bass? Put down the 40 and the turkey leg and focus. You could be part of something great. Unless someone beats you to it. This is going to be a war.