Oakland Raiders defensive coordinator Jason Tarver is known as a base 3-4 coordinator. But because he inherited 4-3 personnel, he had to stay with a base 4-3 while mixing in some 3-4 last year.

With all the turnover in personnel this year, Tarver is running a base 3-4 with some 4-3 mixed in. The Raiders are still known as a 4-3 team but use way more 3-4 looks than 4-3 looks lately. 

So far, Tarver's 3-4 scheme is effective against the run but the pass defense is their fatal flaw. In order fix the Raider defense's fatal flaw, he needs to do some tweeking.

The Philadelphia Eagles exposed the Raiders' pass defense as quarterback Nick Foles threw seven touchdown passes. And of course, the result of the game was the Raiders getting boat-raced at home 49-20.

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