Over the years of the NFL Draft there have been some horrible players drafted after having stellar college careers. Players like Tim Couch, Ryan Leaf, and Giovanni Carmazzi. These players are just a few that performed good enough in college earn a draft pick only to fall flat after they were drafted.

While they are players that pull the wool over teams eyes in college, at the Combine, and other various workouts; there are the teams that draft the players. Teams like the Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, and the Arizona Cardinals that spend there hard earned draft picks on the players of this caliber.

While those are just a few teams that struggle on draft day; there are not any teams worse at picking players than the Oakland Raiders. The late great Al Davis made some wild picks while he was sitting at the top of Raiders Nation.

Even though a ton of picks Davis made over his career with the Raiders have failed; I can understand why he has made some of them.

A lot of the time the most talked about player at a specific position is usually one of the first to fail in the NFL.

While quarterback JaMarcus Russell has been the worst draft pick made since possible Ryan Leaf was drafted; he was not the most questionable. I would have to give that award to wide receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey.

Here are some of the worst draft picks the Raiders have made over the years. See how they also stack up against players that could have drafted at the same position.