michael vick The Oakland Raiders' mantra for 2014 season should be - "We Must Get Better in 2014, Or Else."

Yes, it is that bad. The Raiders may have been the least talented team in the NFL last season or the second least next to the Jaguars.

Changes are needed, upgrades to talent and the coaching staff or this is the team that will select Marcus Mariota in the 2015 NFL Draft.

The Raiders learned that Matt McGloin is a nice player, but uber talented and will not take this team to the promised land. They also learned Terrelle Pryor is more of an athlete than a quarterback. Darren McFadden is still an injured runner and the offensive and defensive lines need help.

This used to be the Oakland Raiders franchise that took no prisoners and did not care who they ran through. That is a far cry from this fledgling team that needs a new identity. These five players (and about 15 others) could make them a bit tougher in 2014.

Michael Vick

This free agent move should happen. The Raiders need a quarterback. Vick needs a new team. Both seem to want to date each other. This should be one of the first free agent moves in the NFL.

Maurice Jones-Drew

The California kid needs a new home and has openly talked about moving west to finish his career in his home state. This would be a welcome change for both teams.

Eugene Monroe

The tackle will be a wanted man this offseason. I think he would be a welcomed edition and probably would come at a cheap price. He is an upgrade from Khalif Barnes.

Robert Meachem

He was in New Orleans, then moved to San Diego, only to move back to New Orleans. Now, he could move back out west. Meachem would immediately become the team's No. 1 receiver.

Jeremy Mincey

He was a late season pick up by the Broncos. Now Mincey tests the open market. Mincey is stll a quick edge rusher with something to prove and Oakland could be the place where that happens.