Dennis Allen The most pressing question involving the Oakland Raiders this offseason is how head coach Dennis Allen will respond to a dismal first year at the helm.

Although all of the blame does not lie with Allen, he certainly isn't exempt from any flack. 

The hiring of already-failed Greg Knapp as his offensive coordinator was eyebrow-raising to everybody but Oakland's front office. 

Granted, Allen's a defensive-minded coach, but he brought in Jason Tarver from Stanford to be his defensive coordinator.

As a man already criticised for his on-field presence and authority, it will be interesting to see if Allen can build off of a 4-12 season.  

Carson Palmer is slated to make $13 million in 2013. However, the Raiders have made it clear that they don't want to pay up. While trying to restructure Palmer's contract, Oakland has recently been linked to West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith. 

Also, let's not forget the "good enough to win, smart enough to lose" performance by Terrell Pryor in San Diego in Week 17. Although it looks like Palmer is the guy right now, don't be surprised if the Raiders make a move with him.

Darren McFadden still has yet to play an entire season in the NFL. Coming off of a 2011 campaign that paced him to become the NFL's leading rusher, 2012 saw a huge digression from McFadden. It was his worst season statistically, averaging only 3.3 yards per carry. Raiders fans need to ask themselves, "Is Darren McFadden better to have for seven games, or 13?"

Of all of the positions where the Raiders lack skill and depth, which one needs the most attention?  Will they use their third overall pick on a quarterback or cornerback? How about an offensive lineman? Since Shane Lechler is showing no signs of re-signing with Oakland, what about a punter?

Finally, on a lighter note, what color will the new stadium tarps be? The Athletics use green tarps (some with logos) to cover the third deck, hoping to concentrate the declining crowds at O.Co Coliseum. Will the Raiders use the same ones?

It would be tacky if during an aerial shot of the game, all the crowd at home saw was a huge green Athletics banner for a game in which the home team wore silver and black. And 2013 does not look good for the Raiders as a team, but it looks worse for the average fan in Oakland.  Just when one would ask, "Could it get any worse?"