Oakland Raiders 2013 Schedule: Predicting the Wins and Losses

By Joshua Vance
April 22, 2013 1:41 pm
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Week 9: Eagles @ Raiders

Still sore from the spanking the Steelers gave them last week, they will look to stand up for themselves verses the Eagles this week. But the Eagles will find a way to hand them yet another loss, probably a close game though. Prediction: Eagles 24, Raiders 21

Week 10: Raiders @ Giants

Things do not get better for Oakland this week. Eli Manning and company simply provide too many problems for the Raiders to solve. Prediction: Giants 34, Raiders 10

Week 11: Raiders @ Texans

The Raiders will not find a win in Houston. The Texans will be rolling full steam ahead by this point, and the Raiders will find themselves run over. Prediction: Texans 38, Raiders 9

Week 12: Titans @ Raiders

While the Titans didn't have a much better season than the Raiders did last year, I believe the Raiders do not have the players to prevent what the Titans do best. Look for Chris Johnson to have a big day here. Prediction: Titans 24, Raiders 14

Week 13: Raiders @ Cowboys

While most homes in the country will be giving thanks while watching the Thanksgiving Day game, the Cowboys will be thanking the Raiders for showing up. Miles Austin and Dez Bryant both will shine as the Raiders fall. Prediction: Cowboys 21, Raiders 10

Week 14: Raiders @ Jets

The Raiders will be desperate for a win after dropping so many in a row, and they just might be able to pull it off against the Jets. I hesitate, but will give the Raiders the nod on this one, although I do believe it's going to be close. Prediction: Raiders 14, Jets 13

Week 15: Chiefs @ Raiders

The Raiders will be glad to see the Chiefs again, expecting another easy win to give them some confidence to finish out the season, but I am calling for the upset this time as the Chiefs manage to shock the Raiders! Prediction: Chiefs 24, Raiders 14

Week 16: Raiders @ Chargers

The Chargers barely won earlier in the season, but they will be better by this point. Look for the Raiders to be facing a fairly different team this time around. Prediction:  Chargers 21, Raiders 14

Week 17: Broncos @ Raiders

As if the season had not been bad enough, now they have to finish against the Broncos. With no postseason in sight and the Broncos headed towards the Super Bowl, the Raiders will want to make a statement for this one.

Unfortunately, the Broncos will dominate them in every aspect of the game. This one will be painful again. Prediction: Broncos 31, Raiders 13


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By Joshua Vance
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