To prevent a repeat of the 2012 season it starts with Big Blue's 2013 DEFENSE. Quick stat facts to focus on from last season, in order of importance. The Giants:

  1. Ranked 31st in overall team defense, only the New Orleans Saints fared worse.

  2. Ranked T-16th in first-down defense, giving up an alarming 42.4% of first-downs on third-down and an even more alarming 47.6% of first-downs on forth-down. Only the Packers, Patriots, and 49ers had more teams go-for-it on forth-down than did the Giants and they ended up second as the second worst team in that statistical category. Meaning the Giants defense could not get the opposing offense off the field, teams knew they could keep drives alive and went for it with alarming success!

  3. Ranked 28th in passing-defense; Giants gave up an average of 254 yards-per-game and a total of 4,068 yards on the season. Teams completed 64% of their passes attempted, they were tied for league worst at 8.1 average yards per completion given up. T-19th in passing-touch-downs given up, 26 total. Finally, a pedestrian 33 quarterback-sacks placing them at No. 22, abysmal for a vaunted defensive front that ranked third last season with 48 quarterback-sacks. (Interesting positive for the defense, it was ranked third in interceptions with 21 / a misleading number as 15 were by non-cornerbacks, eight were by one safety Stevie Brown; the corners picked off a total of 6 on the season)

  4. Ranked 25th in rushing-defense; Giants gave up an average of 129 yards-per-game, 4.6 yards-per-carry and a total of 2066 yards on the season

In today's segment we'll look at the much needed first step, the revamping of the cornerback position: