Notre Dame vs. Alabama, BCS Title Game: 5 Bold Predictions

By Mickey Varner
January 06, 2013 9:37 am
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I'm supposed to come up with five bold predictions for the BCT Championship game in Miami Monday.


I'm not sure that I have five BOLD predictions. Maybe you should tune in to ESPN for that. To come up with something bold after a month of the mothership's hype leaves little room for anything bold at this point.

I mean, it's Notre Dame and Alabama. And ESPN. That's enough BOLD for me.

But I will tell you five things that I think will happen. And I'm absolutely sure number one will make the difference in who hold the crown for the 2012 football season.

Here's a hint.

The best player on the field Monday night in Miami will be wearing number five. And it won't be Manti Te'o.

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By Mickey Varner
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2 years ago
Mickey-after reading this I smell a beatdown coming on. It sounds as though 50-0 ND isn't out of the question. I guess that is why they are Ranked No.1-they are by far the Best Team in the nation.
2 years ago

By the way Mickey-since ND is Ranked No.1, how many points do you think they should be favored by in this game?
2 years ago

Here is my point-when the voters sat down to cast their last vote in the Polls they had a whole season of work to consider, and they voted ND No.1--meaning they thought ND was the best Team in the nation. Now I would like to poll all of them and see who they favor in this game. If the majority favor Ala., then I would question their final vote.
2 years ago
Baloney- bologna- salami it don't matter. What matters is the level of competition each team has played and Bama's strength of schedule is a lot tougher. Notre Dame is a media darling and FINALLY has a decent team and the press goes crazy over it just like they did when Tyronne Willingham became the savior of Notre Dame football and we all know how that chapter ended. I,m not a big Bama fan but I must say ROLL TIDE ROLL in this one.
2 years ago

Bo-I'm with you on that one. But, regardless of the outcome tonight, I think Ala. should be Ranked No.1 right now based on their body of work all year. And it sounds like you agree.
2 years ago
I'll take Notre Dame in Game 7 ...
2 years ago
You talking about this game; Golsen have his best game ever? ND forgot they had a game tonight. They even left their defense in South Bend.
2 years ago
The super 5 you endorsed in this article, were they suspended at the last minute or was I going to the fridge to get beer or going to the head to deposit used beer every time their name got called? I thought I only went during commercials but after a few ya lose track. NOT:)
2 years ago
Mickey-just out of curiosity, what are your thoughts on the game now that's it over. Not trying to be nasty, but how did you see the game?
2 years ago
It is what it is Bob. Do I believe Alabama is four toucdowns better than Notre Dame? No. But, Alabama had been there before, knew what they were doing and carried it out. I don't the Irish knew what hit them and before they could get their bearings it was over. Kelly and Athletic Director Jack Swarbrick have mentioned before that they need to get an SEC team on the schedule. Last night was very telling. If you haven't seen that kind of speed. All over the field, then you're in trouble. The Irish are getting there. But they don'th have the depth Bama does yet. Give em time. Kelly's team arrived about a year ahead of schedule. They'll be ready next time.
2 years ago

ND was very lucky that there was no playoff this year, or they never would have smelled the championship game. The worst part about it, this same fiasco could happen again next year, given ND's schedule-unless 10 or 11 teams really improve. They should make ND play a play-in game since they are not in a conference against maybe the SEC championship game loser, because we know they certainly can't handle the winner.
2 years ago

Mickey-you say that you don't believe Ala. is 4 TD's better. Do you honestly think that if Saban would have been given some incentives that his Team couldn't have scored even more points last night? Let's say "they" tell Saban that Ala. would get $1 Mil. for every point that they win by. Ala. was almost scoring at will when it mattered.
2 years ago
5 more bold predictions:
1. You know absolutely nothing about college football!
2. You know absolutely nothing about college football!
3. You know absolutely nothing about college football!
4. You know absolutely nothing about college football!

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