Notre Dame has taken care of business every weekend.  They have an offense that scores enough to win, while the defense stops the run.  This reminds me of those late millennium Buckeye teams that looked great until the BCS Championship Game - then things went south up against the SEC teams. Well, here we go again.  Alabama will take away anything that Notre Dame has on offense.

Notre Dame has players like Everett Golson who are very athletic.  That's what the 2006 Ohio State Buckeyes had in a few of their players.  The problem was that the Florida Gators had speed at every position in 2006.  The same can be said about most of the SEC top ranked teams.

I'm not putting ND's season down.  Notre Dame played against big name teams Oklahoma, USC and Michigan.  The difference is these teams haven't played big time football in 2012.

Winning has given Notre Dame confidence going into the title game.  That confidence will vanish by the second half.  Alabama, Florida, Georgia, LSU, South Carolina and Texas A/M would all be favored against "The Fighting Irish".  To Mike Golic at ESPN; I want to know what you guys on "The Mike and Mike Show" will talk about the day after ND gets slammed?

Sweetheart's Stuff 

I think your chances of Mike Golic responding to your sarcastic, rhetorical question is pretty good! After all, we are dealing with a guy who is as wishy-washy as you. He endorses Nutrisystem (which he lost 50 pounds) and washes it down with a cold Dr. Pepper (which he also endorses). And I'm guessing Nutrisystem doesn't know about his endorsement with Tabasco sauce; let's face it Mike, you're not putting that stuff on your salads are you?

Kinda like my man, Stuart, Georgia apparel on the outside, Bama jam on the in.

Go Sick Em' Stuart.. oops, Roll Tide!!!!