Paul Bunyan, Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster are folk stories that many hype but have never delivered on as far as presenting evidence if they even exist.

Talked about- but no clear sightings or tangible items have surfaced to validate their legend.

Ishaq Williams falls into that catagory as a player that was hyped, tracked and sought after for his abilities in high school and potential at the next level.

He was projected to play a Bunyan size role, had Bigfoots measurables and Loch Ness's mystic.

Those close to the Irish know all to well of his legendary pre National Signing Day story of Bob Diaco camping out until 4:00 a.m. to hopefully persuade the recruit to put off his Penn State visit and pledge to Notre Dame.

It worked. The Irish secured another top defensive prospect and the future was 'green' for both parties.

To this point, outside of a breakthrough tackle and fumble producing play in Ireland where Stephon Tuitt scored a touchdown 2 years ago- Williams has remained in limbo.

Heading into this season, Williams has recorded just 1 sack when many experts projected more.

His 45 total tackles are half what was considered attainable by his junior year.

It's without question Williams has fell short of his potential.

Or atleast his hype heading into South Bend.

2014 could be his coming out party with a revamped 4-3 defense under Brian VanGorder, but it will be a process of adjustment as Williams takes on a new role of sorts from his 3-4 role at the linebacker position:

"It's a new position, a new system, I'm just trying to get used to it,it's just a new system. It is whole different thinking process from the 3-4, just trying to get used to the difference right now. It's a 4-3 now, it's more reacting, full go. I'm definitely in those beginning stages of the system, trying to learn what I have to do and try to commit it to our routine.You still got to go full effort and full speed."

Going from outside linebacker to defensive end is asking alot for a normal player.

Williams is above others where normality is measured. And for Notre Dame to aspire to modest defensive prowess, players like Ishaq need to elevate their games this season.

The schedule presents a variety of stages for this senior to produce and raise his possible NFL status upon graduation:

An away game against National Champion Florida State can raise alot of eyebrows and millions will be watching.

The alledged final game in South Bend against Michigan.

USC as always brings a high level of anticipation and historic appeal.

Now Williams just needs to play to his hyped up status and promise he had coming into his first season at Notre Dame because everything else is set for his final and potentially breakout year.