ESPN's Adam Schefter reported late last night that the Washington Redskins had acquired the St. Louis Rams' first-round Draft pick in exchange for their first-and-second-round picks, as well as their first-round selections for 2013 and 2014.

Everyone knew the Rams were shopping the No. 2 pick of next April's NFL Draft. They have been publicly set on 2010's No. 1 overall selection Sam Bradford as their quarterback moving forward in spite of his prolonged issues to remain healthy, and frankly inadequate play throughout the first ten weeks of last season. With Andrew Luck a presumed lock to go to Indianapolis before St. Louis would on the clock, and with Heisman winner Robert Griffin III from Baylor the designated second-best prospect on most scouts' draft boards, the Rams were facing questionable value in retaining their slot in the order, and so they entertained offers. The Redskins edged the Cleveland Browns and company in procuring this premature blockbuster deal.

Have the Rams made a mistake? If a prospect's ranking is cemented to the point where you feel you are either mandated to take him or rushed to escape the pocket, doesn't that validate the player's status as a potential difference maker for your franchise?

All relationship issues aside, Head Coach Jeff Fisher has proven to be successful with mobile quarterbacks - see Steve McNair and Vince Young. The injury-riddled Sam Bradford undoubtedly flashed a lot of promise during his rookie campaign, but he is no Robert Griffin III, who can throw contently from the pocket with unprecedented NFL prowess considering his over-Baylor-bearing capability to run with the football. There has to be a team desperately deprived of a quarterback and with draft picks - the Browns, for one - that would jump at the chance to work out a trade for Bradford, freeing cap space and allowing yourselves to build around RG3.

Loyalty can really ram you in the gut sometimes.

Perhaps it is just the Madden-esque glutton mentality of our football-engulfed sanity seeping through our ears. Instead, St. Louis now possesses the necessary capacity to astronomically improve their team for years to come, while Daniel Snyder and the Redskins are still struggling with the lesson of a dollar or draft pick's true value. Let's just hope, for the Rams' sake, that Bradford turns out to be the next Peyton Manning, and Robert Griffin III - who Washington better draft now at No. 2 - is a Rick Mirer or Ryan Leaf.