by Justin Henry
Cold Hard Football Facts' Meme Machine (@jrhwriting)


Twelve teams between the records of 13-3 and 9-7 begin their quest for Lombardi's Holy Grail this weekend. Everything needed to earn those winning records are now ultimately moot, because it's a new season. Last year's Broncos can tell you how meaningless it is to go 13-3, and end up one-and-done after a home playoff game-gone-wrong to eventual champion Baltimore (10-6).

Anything is possible in the NFL playoffs; just get there, and you can achieve your dreams. For eight teams, that opportunity begins in the late afternoon Saturday.

While the playoffs are basically a crap shoot, putting the teams' statistical backgrounds into perspective is too tempting. While no game is guaranteed, I hold the following truths (and allusions) to be self-evident. Enjoy.