A year ago, the ascending Kansas City Chiefs were able to eclipse the .500 mark after a rotting 0-3 start, against a San Diego Chargers squad suddenly immersed in another midseason collapse - all on an eerie, free-for-all, Halloween Monday night.

As a collectively winless October for the AFC West foes was setting in light of November, and while trick-or-treating and recognition of sports were stalled in the tri-state area, Kansas City could not erode San Diego's playoff hopes further and pull off a similar upset on NFL Network this past Thursday, losing handily 31-13.

Of course, outlooks along the east coast, and in turn across the nation, were substantially dampened before that.

Between the recovery plans of Hurricane Sandy and Tuesday's looming presidential election, there is plenty more to appropriately worry about rather than fretting over fantasy rosters and pick em' leagues...or so it may seem.

An undefeated mark in any given week - along with the societal togetherness that precedes and survives it - can do wonders in boosting morale and possibly influencing surrounding current events...or at least wishful thinking can.

Hopefully this weekend's slate of games - both in their outcomes and their existing services of recreational distraction - will lift everyone's rightfully depressed spirits...but picking the remainder of them correctly will crystallize that much-needed silver lining.

Last Week: 7-7 - the Chargers' surge would have been better served towards my second Eliminator loss last week in their inexplicable stinker against the Cleveland Browns, or even throughout the dark Monday evening that followed; also, the St. Louis Rams can stay in London...please.

This Week: 0-1; Upset Specials: 4-5

Overall: 68-51