RG3Accidents happen.

Kids will forever jump on the bed and fall off the top bunk, hitting their head on the concrete basement floor or slamming their front teeth into the metal railing.

Brothers will impulsively trip sisters without anticipation of repercussions, or swing an aluminum baseball bat before looking as siblings mosey on by without doing the same.

Accidents happen. Children can't just remain stationary and play video games each and every day...because they'll end up frustratingly chucking the Xbox 360 at the cat anyway.

Injuries resulting from organized sports, on the other hand, while not foreseeable, can be considerably more expected.

Robert Griffin III is naturally going to want to extend the drive and make a positive play with his arm or his legs. There are times when he needs to learn how to slide (Washington's win against Tampa Bay), but in other cases he simply cannot help it (his injury and loss to Atlanta last week).

No degree of penalties, fines, suspensions, or rewriting the pigskin script can fully resolve this recently swelling epidemic, but it's an epidemic nonetheless that cannot be ignored.

My brother Justin is nine years old. After enduring two football-related concussion this season in his communal youth league, he is being forced by doctor recommendation to sit out two of the last three scheduled games (and hopefully the third as well). One more concussion and he cannot play football at least until high school.

My brother is nine years old. Henceforth, the NFL should be eradicated.

Okay, that's not a sincere suggestion. I blame that sudden vault in judgment on my 10 stitches and whatever anguish lies beneath them.

The physical game of football will always be an American favorite - as indicated by the amount of young boys and now girls that aspire to partake at such an early age - in spite of the grueling ailments and consequences throughout, say, an Austin Collie's career or after Junior Seau's retirement.

Neither the passion for the sport nor its bloodbath nature will ever subside completely, and it's unrealistic for out-of-body caution and in-the-moment competitiveness to be employed simultaneously.

That being said, these are still children. They have surges of energy interspersed with spurts of ADD, all on an exceedingly dangerous platform - flag or tackle. What’s more, coaches that should be more informed, understanding, and constructively nurturing by now continue to push youngsters to the brink, whether they're overly aggressive, crying, or quite frankly more invested in dandelion tufts spread across the field. They are children.

Football is engraved in society's skin, at all levels and ages, and accidents happen. Once the hazy stars and twittering little birds evaporate, of course, let's just remember to keep tabs on the situation, since both physical and mental injuries are influencing the outcome of the league and people's lives alike.

Last Week: 8-6 - Speaking of accidents...

Overall: 46-31 - The same record as Football Nation's Jeff Sperber, and may the tussling commence.

TNF: Steelers over Titans - Is the absence of ineffectual backup Javon Ringer and Pittsburgh defenders such as Troy Polamalu REALLY supposed to benefit a struggling Chris Johnson and inconsistent Matt Hasselbeck that much?

Game of the Week (2-3): Giants over 49ers - The G-Men have proven they can win no matter who is unhealthy, and although an NFC Championship rematch San Francisco will be their stoutest test yet, there is more concern resting with Alex Smith's finger than what's been expressed.

[Would-Be] Survival Pick (4-1): Falcons over Raiders - Darrius Heyward-Bey is still spinning even out of the bye, and the other 52 Oakland men figuratively aren't looking any better.

Upset Special (3-2): Bills over Cardinals - Both squads are disappointed (to say the least) following Week 5, but as Arizona's running game is being stripped bare, C.J. Spiller and Fred Jackson are reaching 100 percent again.

Others: Vikings over Redskins - Whether RG3 is truly ready to go or Washington hopes to rally around him for a change, Minnesota's defense is assuredly no migraine for Percy Harvin's side of the ball...

Bengals over Browns - Andy Dalton and Cincinnati's secondary are almost done licking their wounds, and Cleveland's aching hearts will break in the fourth quarter.

Rams over Dolphins - The indefinite loss of Danny Amendola won't kill a spotty St. Louis offense, but ailing Miami running backs will dampen chances for success facing one of the top four NFC West defenses.

Colts over Jets - Your test results are in, Rex Ryan: "Start Tim Tebow or Luck is not in your favor." (More of a fortune cookie than a legitimate medical report, but it gets the point across.)

Eagles over Lions - With all of Michael Vick's "indecent exposure" throughout this roller coaster of turnovers, humbling hits, and close victories, Jahvid Best and Detroit appear to have been Madden Cursed for a long time now.

Buccaneers over Chiefs - Matt Cassel is involuntarily walking the plank, while Brady Quinn is being served to rested and eager pirates.

Ravens over Cowboys - All of Dallas' injuries are strictly psychological, and Baltimore will feast on them.

Patriots over Seahawks - New England is another team with an offensive unit that can plug in any weapon if and when need be, plus Marshawn Lynch's sore back is an escalating worry.

SNF: Texans over Packers - Wade Phillips and Houston survived Mario Williams' IR trip in 2011, and J.J. Watt will thrive even more for the sake of Brian Cushing the blow; meanwhile, amidst all of the turmoil in Green Bay, Cedric Benson is out eight weeks.

MNF: Broncos over Chargers - If anything has become clear to me, it's that Peyton Manning isn't hurting, and while his roster isn't playoff-worthy, it is October in San Diego.

It's admittedly harder to be objective in regards to a family member. Justin is pressing to suit up for his season finale, as would Brett Favre or RG3. It's admirable, and an accident waiting to happen.

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