It seems like it's the same thing every week with this floundering Bills team.They are prone to so many poor decisions and just overall careless playing. It really is just sad. Nobody displays that better than quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, who had quite possibly his worst game of the season. He is the definitive Jekyll and Hyde of Buffalo, and probably the whole league. You never know what you're going to get with him. Apparently he went with Mr. Hyde today.

San Diego, who also have had their fair share of struggles this year, looked pretty sharp against Buffalo. However, you can't really give a team too much credit these days when they beat the Bills, since it often is the Bills beating themselves. The Chargers just broke a six-game losing streak last week against Jacksonville, and now handed the reigns of that streak to Buffalo. With today's win, San Diego finds themselves back in the hunt for their division.

The Chargers came out slow, steady, and successful as they used up about seven minutes of the clock to work their way down field and find the end zone on the first possession of the game. Rivers found tight end Antonio Gates for a 9-yard TD score, taking an early 7-0 lead.

The Bills first possession wasn't so slow, and not so successful. It didn't take long before Fitzpatrick found safety Eric Weddle for his first pick of the day. He took a deep shot down the middle of the field to wide receiver David Nelson who had triple coverage. It hit linebacker Na'il Diggs in the back and bounced off into Weddle's awaiting hands. Maybe somebody should tell Fitzpatrick you usually avoid throwing the ball to somebody who has three defenders on him.

This paved the way for a 1-yard TD run by running back Mike Tolbert, and apparently a missed extra-point from kicker Nick Novak.

With San Diego now up 13-0, and another worthless Bills drive, the Chargers get the ball back and wind up with a Novak field goal thanks to a hefty 37-yard run by running back Ryan Matthews. 

Now 16-0, Buffalo finds themselves in a deep deficit yet again this season. They get off to a nice drive with a big 34-yard catch by wide receiver Stevie Johnson. At San Diego's 35 yard line, Fitzpatrick tries to get some more big gains but twice finds the hands of other defenders who luckily can't hold on. They make no progress and send replacement kicker Dave Rayner in for a 53-yard shot. Rayner misses wide right(heard that one before) and Buffalo remains scoreless as the half winds down.

Buffalo gets the ball after the half and appear to have some drive in them as Fitzpatrick hits Johnson for a huge 53-yard strike into Charger territory. Per usual, Buffalo can't capitalize off it and settle for a Rayner field goal making it 16-3.

Rivers gets his offense back on the field hoping to put some more points on the board, and does just that; except not their points. Rivers takes the snap deep in Charger territory, and as he is going back to pass, the ball slips from his grip and winds up in their end zone where safety Bryan Scott recovers for the touchdown. Buffalo seemed to be gaining momentum with the score now 16-10.

That would be the only time a Buffalo Bill saw the end zone all day. On the ensuing drive, San Diego makes the bold decision to do a fake punt on 4th-and-2 from their own 30 yard line, and succeed. Weddle weasels his way for 10 yards. This led to another Gates touchdown; this time for 2 yards.

With the score now 23-10, Fitzpatrick knows he has to step it up. He does the complete opposite as he throws a pick six to safety Steve Gregory. Gregory took it 26 yards for the score, boosting San Diego's lead now to 30-10.

Later on, Rivers decided he wasn't done yet when he hooked up with receiver Patrick Crayton for a 26-yard touchdown, sealing the deal at 37-10.

This brings the Chargers to 6-7 and somehow still in the hunt for the AFC West, while Buffalo finds themselves at 5-8 after losing their sixth game in a row.

Rivers was 24/33 with 240 yards, 3 TDs and no interceptions. Fitzpatrick was 13/34 with 176 yards, no touchdowns, and two interceptions. Gates also had a big game with 68 yards and 2 TDs.