Peyton Manning once famously said, "You hear about how many fourth quarter comebacks that a guy has and I think it means a guy screwed up in the first three quarters."

Whether Manning knew it or not, he was basically defining Tim Tebow’s 2011 season, as yet again, three quarters of mediocre football gives way to another miraculous comeback win for the polarizing Broncos’ QB.

Although his stats won’t show the multiple drops from his wide receivers, Tebow was only 3/16 passing through the first three quarters of play on Sunday. The Chicago Bears were up 10-0 with 4:34 left in the game, but that just means Tebow had them right where he wanted them, as for the sixth time this season, Tebow brings his team back from the dead to win.

The Denver maintenance staff should really replace their scoreboard’s 4th quarter sign to read “Tebow Time,” since that would be a more accurate description for the last 12 minutes of the game. After only completing three total passes and throwing his first interception in six games, Tebow then went 18/24 for 191 yards and a touchdown during the 4th quarter and overtime.

Let’s not give all the credit to Tebow for this one, the Defense was huge again, and Matt Prater kicked two 50+ yard field goals to give the Broncos a 13-10 win. And Denver really needs to send a fruit basket to Marion Barber for all of his help in securing the Broncos’ 8th win of the season.

The Bears had the ball will less than two minutes to go in the game, needing to simply eat up the clock to lockup a Chicago victory. Matt Forte’s replacement then took the handoff and, for some reason, went out of bounces while trying to pick up more yards – effectively ensuring the Broncos would have enough time on the clock to mount one last ditch effort. And after that mistake turned into a game tying Matt Prater 59 yard field goal, Barber’s blunders weren’t done yet.

With the Bears driving for an overtime victory, it looked as if Barber had broken out for a big run and a chance at redeeming his earlier mental mishap; however, the ball wiggled right out of the Barbarian’s arms and into the waiting embrace of Elvis Dumervil.  And as they say, "the rest is history.”

Tim Tebow now moves to 7-1 as a starter this season, and has the once lottery-waiting Broncos in line for their first playoff appearance since 2005. Thanks to the Green Bay Packers moving one step closer to an undefeated season, the Oakland Raiders fall back to 7-6, leaving the 8-5 Denver Broncos in solo possession of first place in the AFC West.

The next test for Tebow and the Broncos sees Tom Brady and the New England Patriots coming to the Mile-high city for a Week 15 showdown. Something tells me the Broncos will have to put up more than 13 points if they have any hopes of continuing their six game winning streak. Yet again, if the Broncos are able to pull out another low-scoring win against the NFL’s 2nd ranked offense, it would be hard to keep denying the mystical powers of the Mile-high Miracle Man.