One of the biggest stories this offseason was the nearly complete revamping of the New England Patriot receiving corps. While no one doubts the ability and resolve of Tom Brady, somebody still must catch the balls he throws. In addition, he lost his primary third down outlet in Danny Woodhead. And need we mention the upheaval among the tight ends?

The good news, other than the presence of Brady, is that Belichick was able to keep his front line intact, as well as, bringing on a reliable veteran in Will Svitek.

And then there is the defense, not part of the "attack" in the traditional sense, but still a weapon in the sense of giving the ball back to Tom and the boys. And that is just as formidable as a potent offense, but a clear lack for the Patriots in the past few years.

On the other side, we see a team that is struggling to turn things around from recent years, and that may be a tall order considering what appears to be a problem at quarterback. And having a dynamic, double—threat running game just might be the only thing that keeps a defense honest.

Here's what New England needs to do to get past the Buffalo Bills in Week 1: