Just a couple of months ago, I released my version of the top 100 players of 2012 in a series of articles here at Football Nation. Now, the NFL has named the first 20 players on their list.

Needless to say there were several controversial choices in the opening 20. This article will compare my choices to the ones that have been revealed on NFL Network and explain where this list went wrong.
Players Choice On my List? My Choice
100. Chris Johnson N/A Percy Harvin
99. Ryan Kalil 89 Charles Johnson
98. Willis McGahee N/A Kerry Rhodes
97. Donald Penn N/A Beanie Wells
96. D’Qwell Jackson N/A James Laurinitis
95. Tim Tebow N/A Joe Haden
94. Marshawn Lynch 38 Davin Joseph
93. Cortland Finnegan N/A Matt Ryan
92. John Kuhn N/A Andre Carter
91. Tony Romo 65 Hakeem Nicks
90. Hakeem Nicks 91 Brent Grimes
89. Dwight Freeney N/A Ryan Kalil
88. Michael Turner 21 Reggie Wayne
87. London Fletcher 14 John Abraham
86. Darren Sproles 81 Phillip Rivers
85. Navarro Bowman N/A Ryan Clark
84. Chris Long N/A Stephen Jackson
83. Fred Jackson N/A Calais Campbell
82. Joe Thomas 29 Sean Lee
81. Vince Wilfork 24 Darren Sproles
The 2011 list started off with a controversial pick in Donovan McNabb and the players made sure to start a debate right from the start this year as well. It is a sad time in sports when a guy can hold out because being the highest paid running back in the league is not enough money, not play well and then still get respect from players around the league.

Going back to his days as a Gator, I am a pretty big Tim Tebow fan. At one point I may have even considered myself one of his biggest fans. That was until people started taking cardboard cut-outs of him to their prom. That said, does anyone agree with him being on this list? It seemed like a joke when they showed it in the preview commercials and it still seems like a joke as this article is being written. 

Right after Tebow we have Marshawn Lynch. I find it beyond disrespectful that a full back and a running back that was injured for almost half the season were put ahead of the Skittles monster. There are not enough words to describe how shocking this pick is. On behalf of the players, I am sorry, Marshawn.   

Another player who took a slap to the face is London Fletcher. Anyone who watched the Washington Redskins not only this year, but in many years past, knows that he is a leader. Not only that, but he puts up the numbers as well. Fletcher recorded 166 tackles this season, along with 1.5 sacks, two interceptions and three forced fumbles. He has been doing this for years and the fact that he is not at least in the top 50 is just sad.

Lastly we have one of the best, if not the best offensive tackles in the league in Joe Thomas. Jason Peters and Jake Long are the only two players that could possibly be put ahead of the Cleveland tackle. It is almost laughable to think that there are 81 players in this league better than Joe Thomas.

Many picks differ from my original list; however those were the only ones I had an issue with. It is almost scary to think of what the rest of the list is going to look like. That is all for now, stay tuned for the reactions to the rest of list.