Michael Vick and Mario Williams are two of the leagues most polarizing players. Both have had long successful careers, and both have signed $100 million contracts with their respective teams. Unfortunately, 2012 hasn't panned out the way either players were hoping, or their coaches. 

Michael Vick had an epic career in Atlanta, showing the world what a run-first quarterback can do. After his stint in prison, he was picked up by Andy Reid and the Philadelphia Eagles who groomed him into the pocket passer no one thought he could be. After sitting on the bench behind McNabb and Kolb, Vick got a chance after ex-franchise QB to be Kevin Kolb went down in Week 1 of 2010.

We all know what happened after that, Vick had his best year as a professional quarterback throwing for over 3,000 yards, and a quarterback rating of 100.2. After a season to remember, he signed a six-year $100 Million contract extension with $40 million guaranteed. 

After a dismal 2011 and what looks to be an even worse 2012 (6 INT, 5 FUM), Vick is certainly fighting for his job. 

Mario Williams had just about the best season for a defensive end in Texans' history, racking up 53 sacks in six years. Considering they've only been around for a decade it might not be the best stat ever, but i'm sure Williams will hold onto it because his time in Buffalo has been anything but great.

Surely, it's a season for Bills fans to remember, unfortunately not for the right reasons.

Mario Williams also signed a six-year $100 million dollar contract with $50 million guaranteed when he came to Buffalo. The fans and coaches dreamed of multi-sack games and plenty of quarterback-killing. 

Five weeks in, Williams has accumulated 1.5 sacks and more excuses than he has tackles. 

Both of these players are on the hot seat, and both of the teams are in unfavorable positions. The Eagles would owe Vick the rest of his $40 million if they were to cut him and the Bills would owe Williams a whopping $50 million if they were to let him loose. 

The potential is endless for both of these athletes. They just need to focus on the outcome and realize, in both players' cases, their teams rely heavily on them.

However, if both players continue to under perform both coaches will bite the bullet and cut the duds.