Mike Shanahan 32. Is that it for the New England Patriots? How will they cope with the loss of Rob Gronkowski (again)? 

31. Is asking, "do the Browns miss Trent Richardson" as obvious as "is the grass green?"

30. Which college prospect should the Falcons, currently 3-10, consider selecting in the 2014 NFL Draft?

29. The Houston Texans are on pace to finishing with the league's worst record -- does Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater go first? 

28. Why are the playoffs (personified) the only opponent whom the Dallas Cowboys secondary can prevent? 

27. Washington Problem: Is it owner Daniel Snyder, head coach Mike Shanahan or quarterback Robert Griffin III? NOSE GAME.

26. Read on Yahoo that Chris Johnson might not be back with the Tennessee Titans next season. Good. I mean, is that good?

25. Maybe Bills QB EJ Manuel should take a few notes from RGIII: Don't play next season until you're 100 percent healthy. 

24. Josh McCown's recent success could frustrate Jay Cutler more than the times when Roberto wears his jerseys. What is Bears head coach Marc Trestman really thinking?

23. Never say never, but if the Steelers don't check-in to the 2013 postseason party. ...does Mike Tomlin get booted?

22. Do the defending world champions Ravens win out ... to sneak in? 

21. Jets fans, be real. On a scale of 1-10, how satisfied are you (with how the season unraveled)? 

20. Who said that the Dolphins need to improve their running attack? Because they do.

19. Are you: A) Frustrated that the Bengals have been a one-and-done team in the playoffs, or B) genuinely happy that they've (if they make it again), reached the next level of play for three consecutive years?

18. True or False, Jaguars rookies Jonathan Cyprien, Josh Evans and Dwayne Gratz shined this season.

17. Matt McGloin or Terrelle PryorWho will the Oakland Raiders stick with? Neither?!

16. True or False, the Chiefs have a team to reach the AFC Conference Championship. 

15. Um, because the Chargers do/don't?

14. How will the Giants part ways with a coach who's blessed their franchise with two Super Bowl trophies in the last six years? Are there enough sugarcoated words and sweet idioms and pleasant expressions when cutting the rope? 

13. The last time the Lions reached the postseason -- 2011. Before that? 1999. Who else is secretly rooting for Detroit?

12-11. Who slips on the banana peel first? The Saints or the Panthers?

10. The Bucs started the season off on a few left feet. They lost eight consecutive games, but are 4-1 in the past five weeks. Contingent upon their final record, does Greg Schiano keep his job?

9. Which is it more: Colin Kaepernick isn't as dynamic? Or have teams figured out the solution and drew up better methods to stopping CK?

8. The Rams are eliminated from PS contention. Why they failed to utilize Tavon Austin enough (40 catches, 418 yards, 4 touchdowns) perplexes me. You too?

7. Congrats to the Colts on clinching the AFC South Division. How long do they last? Does the beast Trent Richardson wake up from his slumber?

6. Alright, be real. Where is Eagles wonder-QB Michael Vick getting shipped off to in 2014?

5. Does no Honey Badger (ACL) in Arizona mean saying goodbye to the playoffs?

4. How will the Packers hold up without Aaron Rodgers?

3. Will the Seattle Seahawks win out and clinch home-field advantage?

2. Does Peyton Manning quarterback for three 1,000-yard wide receivers, a feat accomplished five times in NFL history - (gasp) - for the second time in his career? (2004 Indianapolis Colts with Reggie Wayne, Brandon Stokley and Marvin Harrison.)

1. Will Adrian Peterson hop off the Vikings' ship, mount onto a stallion and head south to his hometown?