This week on “Football Nation Today,” Alex finally has some real football games to talk about.  Cheers to that!

1st Down: Alex discusses the five things he learned from week one, and the five things he is looking for heading into week two:


Five things learned:

*Peyton Manning is back

*The Eagles are in for another rough season

*The Raider suck.  Again.

*The Patriots are a more complete team in 2012 than they’ve been in any year since 2004.

*Rober Griffin III has the makings of an elite QB, and it will happen sooner than some projected.


Five things to look for:

*Will Andrew Luck improve against Jacksonville, and will his offensive line protect him?

*The Jets head to Pittsburgh to play the Steelers.  How will they respond in a tougher environment, especially if they play poorly?

*Can the Ravens and Cowboys keep it up, and can Joe Flacco play consistently well?

*Will the Packers defense be atrocious again this season?

*When will the replacement officials make an egregious error at the wrong time, and actually cost a team a win.


2nd Down: Jonathan Vilma and the other suspended Bountygate players were reinstated late last week.  Though they have won a battle, will they win the war against Roger Goodell and the NFL?


3rd Down: In the “Big Up or Slow Down” segment, Alex looks at the implementation of the hurry-up offense in Baltimore, Adrian Peterson’s big weekend, and Jay Cutler talking trash to the Packers.


4th Down: In this week’s “Reimer Rant,” Alex complains about commercials overtaking primetime NFL games.  The league is in danger of selling out.


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