Football has a lot of numbers, and we use these numbers at times to be very judgmental. Unlike say, basketball,where every player is judged by the same stats, in football each position is judged by different metrics – nobody is looking at wide receivers to put up sacks, for example.

Of course, that means everybody has different milestone numbers too. Like baseball has the .300 season, 40 home runs, 20 wins, etc., football has the 1,000-yard rusher, the 4,000-yard passer (subject to inflation), the 100 catch receiver, the 10 sack defender and so on.

Some of these have been more or less difficult to achieve at various points in the game's history, but their is general agreement on where the "line" is among the majority of the pundit class.

Some players have defied these traditional benchmarks by combining them, shattering them, stringing them together, or doing a lot of them for a long time.

Like Oscar Robertson averaging a triple-double, Albert Belle hitting 50 homers and 50 doubles or Michael Johnson winning gold in the 200- and 400-meters in the same Olympics, these players have showed that they cannot be looked at through a conventional lens. Ahead are some of the more noteworthy atypical milestones reached in single games, seasons or careers that are far less likely to be duplicated than more traditional benchmarks.

Every player listed here broke new statistical ground with their marvelous football ability, and nearly every one listed will wind up in the Hall of Fame one day if they aren't already. Follow the jump for some seriously rare achievements.