USC Trojan Matt Barkley wants to be a pro quarterback, but NFL scouts should look at how overrated USC QBs have been.

Matt Leinart won two titles and threw 99 TDs for the USC Trojans. Leinart was the 10th overall pick in the 2006 NFL Draft. He held out for $51 million with the Arizona Cardinals, but has played for three different teams with 20 INTs to only 15 TDs. While having a passer rating of 71.6, Leinart has had season ending injuries in 2006 ,2007, and 2011.

Carson Palmer won a Heisman Trophy for USC in 2002 with 11,818 yards and 72 TDs. Palmer went to two Pro Bowls as a Cincinnati Bengal and two playoffs, but had knee and elbow injuries that slowed him down. Palmer had thrown 130 INTs in the eight seasons that he has played in the NFL, plus he backed out of a contract with the Bengals in 2011. Since returning to the NFL in 2011, Carson Palmer has held a record of 8-16 as the Oakland Raider QB.

Mark Sanchez passed for 3,207 yards and 34 TDs in 2008 as the USC QB, but has become a disaster in the NFL with the New York Jets. One year as a college starter at USC is enough for the NFL to draft a QB. This has become an overrated situation for me. The New York Jets picked Sanchez as the 5th overall pick in the 2009 NFL Draft. Sanchez has been the only USC Trojan QB to come within one game of a Super Bowl on two occasions, but he has hit a downhill slope like the other Trojan QBs. Sanchez threw for less than 50% in three straight games, had injury problems like other USC QBs, and has a 68-68 overall record as a starter in the NFL.

John David Booty passed for 5,708 yards and 52 TDs in two years at USC. Booty was drafted by the Minnesota Vikings in the 5th round in the 2007 NFL Draft, but cut later in 2010 by the Houston Texans to end his career.

Rob Johnson had his best season at USC in 1993 with 3,630 yards and a 69% completion percentage. In the NFL, he earned the name "Robo-Sack" Johnson with his frequent sacks. Johnson was on the 2002 Tampa Bay Buccaneer Super Bowl team, but not as the starter. He played for the Jacksonville Jaguars, Buffalo Bills, Washington Redskins, and Tampa Bay. Johnson went 30-23 as a starter, and he tried out for the New York Giants and the Washington Redskins to end his career.

Paul McDonald won a share of a National Championship at USC in 1978, plus had a 22-1-1 record with the Trojans. His NFL career with the Cleveland Browns and Dallas Cowboys ended with 37 INTs and only 24 TDs.

Rodney Peete was the first USC QB to win the Johnny Unitas Award and finished second in the 1988 Heisman Trophy standings.  Peete had a consistent back up role in his NFL career with Dallas, Detroit, Carolina, Washington, Philadelphia, and Oakland.

Last, but not least, Pat Haden won two titles with three Rose Bowl appearances that got him inducted into the Rose Bowl Hall Of Fame. Before retiring in 1981, Pat Haden replaced an old Joe Namath for the Los Angeles Rams to play in the NFC Championship game. Haden was shut out by the Dallas Cowboys and ended his career with 60 INTs to only 52 TDs.

The NFL has a love and a lot of hope for these golden boy USC quarterbacks. Too bad not one Southern California Trojan quarterback has even played in a Super Bowl.


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