New York Jets since the 1960s

In the 1968-69 season, Joe Namath lead the New York Jets to a Super Bowl victory. Namath would guarantee victory before they played the Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl III. One thing that Namath couldn't guarantee- the Jets having another good quarterback.

After Namath, Matt Robinson and Richard Todd battled for the starting job (1978-1980). Both Robinson and Todd averaged in the low 60s for their QB rating. Todd took over the starting job for the Jets from 1980-1984 and threw 29 TDs to an ugly 38 INTs. 

If the QB situation for the Jets wasn't bad enough, Ken O'Brien threw 95 INTs and held a 50-55 record when starting for the Jets. (1985-1991)

CBS color commentator, Boomer Esiason, was the starter for the New York Jets from 1993-1995. This was another situation where a franchise took a QB when he was past his prime. Esiason held a 35-26 record and 58 INTs, but in fairness, he did have to play under three different head coaches.

To wrap the next years up (1996-2001), Frank Reich, Neil O'Donnell and Ray Lucas were below average QBs. The only one to stand out was Vinny Testaverde in 1998 with a AFC Championship appearance.

In 2000, The Jets drafted Chad Pennington over Tom Brady for the #1 pick in the draft. Pennington was over paid, injury prone, and inconsistent.

In 2008, they grabbed Brett Farve only to see him take a nose dive at the end of the season.

Tim Tebow was a waste of space and money.

Currently, the Jets stand by Mark Sanchez - who has the third most road victories in the playoffs. His problem; 69 picks to 68 TDs thrown.

Since "Joe Willie" Namath won Super Bowl III, the Jets have added clowns to orchestrate their circus  quarterback position.


Chicago Bears since the 1980s

After a successful season in 1985, the Chicago Bears won Super Bowl XX with a rock star quarterback -Jim McMahon.  Too bad his image on the field wasn't as flashy. McMahon threw 11 interceptions to only 15 TDs thrown, while only passing just below 2,400 yards.

After that Super Bowl victory, Chicago would need a GPS to find a decent quarterback.

Jim Harbaugh played quarterback for the Bears from 1987-93. There's a reason Harbaugh is a better coach than player. Harbaugh had a tough time keeping his TDs up with his INTs.(50 TDs/56 Ints)

Without going into detailed statistics, here's the list of loser Bear QBs from 1994-2005: Steve Walsh, Erik Kramer, Dave Krieg, Shane Matthews, Jim Miller, and Cade McNown.

Let's not forget over-the-hill QBs such as Kordell Stewart and Chris Chandler. This reminds me of the Atlanta Braves in the 1980s, whom loved to pick up big names with talent gone.

In 2006, Rex Grossman, "Mr. Roller Coaster" made it to a Bears Super Bowl. Grossman was carried by the defense and Devin Hester.

After Kyle Orton left, Jay Cutler has stayed in the leading role with his split personality. To the Bears' fans, love is blind.

Dallas Cowboys since the 1990s

After starting QB Troy Aikman lead the Cowboys to three Super Bowls, Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones, has destroyed his team at this very same position.

When Aikman was gone, the Cowboys had an on going QB problem.

From 2001-2005, quarterbacks Quincy Carter, Chad Hutchinson, Anthony Wright, Ryan Leaf, Vinny Testaverde, and Drew Bledsoe all combined for losing records and interceptions exceeding TDs thrown.

Quincy Carter was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and drug abuse. Speaking of drugs, Ryan Leaf probably needed some for his malfunctions. Vinny Testaverde and Drew Bledsoe were wishful thinking.

Enter the great Tony Romo, who has broken the hearts of Cowboy fans. Romo has accumulated over 25,000 yards passing, 177 TDs, and 91 INTs since 2006. Holding a 1-3 record in the playoffs, sadly enough, he hasn't led Dallas to the playoffs in the last three seasons.

Romo is that plain-Jane in high school you hung on to hoping she develops into a model.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers since the 2000s

Since Brad Johnson lead the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a Super Bowl win, there hasn't been much to cheer about in Tampa.

In 2003, Johnson passed for over 3,800 yards and 26 TDs. Johnson had a lousy 21 picks in 2003. After being benched in 2004, the Bucs cut Johnson.

In the next couple of years, two sons of former Super Bowl QBs, Chris Simms and Brian Griese, battled for the starting position. The outcome was winning the NFC South in 2005, while losing out in the NFC Wild Card Game.

Griese held a 5-1 record and a passer rating of 97.5, but he would tear his ACL.

Simms threw 14 INTs to only 11 TDs between 2005-2006, then suffered an almost life threatening injury against the Carolina Panthers.

In 2006, Bruce Gradkowski started strong, but slowly took a nose dive. Gradkowski had a 9 to 9 ratio in TDs and INTs. In 2007, his passer rating dropped from 65 to 52.

Jeff Garcia took the Bucs to the playoffs in 2007, but showed that he was past his prime in 2008.

Today, Josh Freeman is the leader at QB for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Freeman holds a record of 24-32 for the last four seasons.

I hope these franchises take more time in their decision making when draft day comes. Stop holding on to the same old guys with the same old stories.

Sweetheart's Stuff,  

Hell-Mary passed out and the Quarterback became the popular one. You could be a halfback, tailback, baby back or baby got back, do an outstanding job and nobody really gives a crap - you're not the Quarterback. But being the star isn't always the most glamorous choice - when you lose everybody hates you.

Maybe these players are too distracted counting their money when they should be studying the play book.