Eli ManningThe New York Giants suffered their 1st preseason loss to the Indianapolis Colts 20-12. 

Both teams for the most part played their starters in the 1st half. The Colts' 1st units clearly dominated the Giants' 1st units in the 1st half 17-9. 

Here’s a breakdown of the game for the Giants:

Offensive Highlights:

  • David Wilson looked explosive on both running and passing plays.
  • Rueben Randle ran crisp routes and displays excellent hands when the ball was thrown his way.
  • David Carr did a good job moving the Giants down field with tight and accurate passes.
  • Michael Cox looked outstanding on his two receptions and most likely will move up on the depth chart.

Offensive Lowlights:

  • Eli Manning was not sharp as he made several throws behind and/or over his receivers with no velocity.
  • Giants' offense was 0/4 in the red zone in the 1st half.
  • Giants' 1st unit OL looked slow and overmatched by the Colts' defensive line.
  • Giants' 1st unit offense was 0/4 in the red zone.

Defensive Highlights:

  • Michael Patterson, Justin Tuck, Marvin Austin and Adewale Ojomo all played with passion and did a fine job on the DL. Ojomo had 5 solo tackles and nearly records 2 sacks.
  • Justin Trattou recorded the Giants' only sack with the help of Marvin Austin.
  • Steve Brown was active and made some solid plays at the safety position.

Defensive Lowlights:

  • Giants' 1st unit secondary gave up too many easy receptions and clearly resembled their 2012 form.
  • Giants' 1st unit LBer’s didn’t make an impact at all and looked out of position at times.
  • Giants' 1st unit DL (aside from Tuck) played with no passion and were totally outplayed by the Colts' OL.

Special Teams Highlights:

  • Steve Weatherford continues to have solid games as he averaged 43.8 on 6 punts.
  • Josh Brown also was in mid-season form as he provided the only scoring for the Giants by going 4/4 (47 yards his longest) in FGs.
  • Michael Cox showed tremendous explosion and quickness on his only kickoff return.

Special Teams Lowlights:

  • Laron Scott, Jayron Hosley and Charles James all showed no indication that any of them are suitable to handle the punt return duties.
  • The kickoff and coverage teams for the Giants (especially in the 1st half) gave away too many yards and had several missed tackles.

Injury Report:

  • David Baas (sprained knee) and Victor Cruz (heel) both left the game early in the 1st quarter. Both injuries are not considered serious.