Week 11 of the NFL bombarded NFL fans with nail-biters, blowouts and maybe a quarterback controversy.

There were heavyweight bouts (one ended in the first round), "maybe we aren't as good as we thought we were" games and a big "welcome to the big boys league" game thanks to Tom Brady.

We also saw familiar teams look like they're creeping back up to that "we don't want to see them in the playoffs" status. 

Like past NFL seasons, every team go through a reality check period where they are doubting or questioning whether they belong or do they have what it takes to be classified as an elite team. It is usually last a couple of games and the top teams snap out of it.

Green Bay Packers, New England Patriots and Denver Broncos had their reality check appointments early in the season. Pittsburgh Steelers just ended their session a few weeks ago (not counting this past week because of Big Ben injury).

The Chicago Bears and New York Giants are currently waist deep in the reality check river.

New Orleans Saints are just one game out of the playoffs. Sean Payton's presence at Drew Brees' consecutive touchdown record-breaking game might have been enough just to get things feeling normal again in the Big Easy.

Before Week 11, I stated that there were at least nine teams who could lead their city to the BIG DANCE. I still believe that they all can get there if healthy, but "if" is not guaranteed and because of that, there were some positioning changes in the power rankings. 

These positions are chosen by records.