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Denver or Seattle?

Jaguars or…well, there really isn’t a second option on that end of the spectrum.

Through two weeks of the NFL season we know two a couple things for sure and a roll of the dice on a lot others.

First for what we know. The Seattle Seahawks are really really good…at home. On the road, well that is one of the uncertainties…we think.

When Broncos dynamic wide receiver Demaryious Thomas proclaimed that Peyton Manning’s arm was a lot stronger this season than last season, he was not joking. Manning, in year two in the Broncos system, leads the NFL with nine touchdown passes and a quarterback rating of 131.0.

The Broncos put a whoopin’ on both the Ravens and Giants through the first two weeks, so that is why I will give the nod to the Broncos at the top.

The Seahawks struggled in week 1 on the road but its impressive win against the 49ers put them at a close second.

In at No. 3 I have the Patriots. A lot of other rankings have them anywhere from No. 3 down to No. 8 or 9, but the last time I checked they still have Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. Yes their two wins came against the lowly Jets and Bills, but a win is a win, especially interdivision wins.

The biggest move from last week to this week comes from the Chiefs and the Dolphins. Last week I had the Chiefs penciled in at the No. 19 spot while the Dolphins checked in at No. 21. This week I moved the Chiefs up to No. 11 and the ‘Fins up to No. 13.

Ryan Tannehill continues to be the forgotten quarterback of last year’s draft class but that will change with each win.

The Chiefs, under the guidance of a rejuvenated Andy Reid, has received steady play and leadership from signal-caller Alex Smith.

This will be the only time I mention the NFC East in this piece. Now moving forward.

The Colts finally ran out of luck (no pun intended) last week as they could not pull off another come-from-behind win at home to the Dolphins. This week I have them checking in at No. 15. I may have considered to place them a spot or two higher but I had my rankings compiled before they acquired Trent Richardson from the Browns.

Speaking of the Browns, is the Richardson trade a sign of them waving the white flag already?

One thing is for sure, if they did so to try and cement a play for Johnny Manziel next season, they will have strong contenders in the form of the Buccaneers and Jaguars.

Hope you enjoy the rest of the rankings.

32. Jaguars (0-2) – will they cave in to the pressure of fans and sign…Tim Tebow

31. Buccaneers (0-2) – Does this team have a leader?

30. Browns (0-2) – In another interesting move they replace the injured Brandon Weeden with Brian Hoyer instead of Jason Collins

29. Raiders (1-1) – Could continue to climb the rankings if they continue to get solid play from McFadden and Pryor.

28. Steelers (0-2) – Saying a Pittsburg team needs to get the running game going is just…well it doesn’t sound right.

27. Panthers (0-2) – Where are you Cam?

26. Titans (1-1) – Battled the Texans to overtime. Can they build off a moral victory?

25. Jets (1-1) – Can’t win games when your QB throws three picks in the fourth quarter of a 3-point game.

24. Chargers (1-1) – After a painful loss to the Texans in week 1, had an impressive shoot-out win over the Eagles. Can Rivers keep it up?

23. Bills (1-1) – E.J. Manuel showed great poise on teams final drive last week.

22. Redskins (0-2) – All you need to do is look at the halftime scores of the first two weeks.

21. Giants (0-2) – One Manning leads the NFL in TD passes, the other one leads in INTs. The Giants have the wrong Manning.

20. Vikings (0-2) – Heart-breaking loss in the final seconds to the Bears. Ponder showed positive signs late in first half and second half.

19. Cowboys (1-1) – Covered the spread last week, as owner Jerry Jones points out. Still lost.

18. Lions (1-1) – Could be in trouble if Reggie Bush misses any period of time.

17. Cardinals (1-1) – Nice come-from-behind win over the Lions last week. Still long road to plow in tough NFC West.

16. Eagles (1-1) – Offense is clicking. Defense…not so much.

15. Colts (1-1) – Luck couldn’t find the magic at the end last week, but the addition of Richardson is huge!

14. Rams (1-1) – Could have rolled over and gave in at halftime last week against Falcons but nice comeback…just fell short.

13. Dolphins (2-0) – Charles Clay is a sleeper and could pay huge dividends for Tannehill.

12. Ravens (1-1) – Didn’t miss Rice much against the Browns but need him back an healthy if they want to make any noise this season.

11. Chiefs (2-0) – Defense is looking good. Will have a good test against the high-powered Eagles offense this week.

10. Bengals (1-1) – Finally beat Pittsburg at home. Need to cut down on mistakes though.

9. Texans (2-0) – Two ugly wins but undefeated nonetheless.

8. Bears (2-0) – Cutler is playing likes he’s in a contract year. Oh wait…

7. Packers (1-1) – Manhandled the Redskins in the first half. Rodgers looked like, well…Rodgers.

6. Falcons (1-1) – Build large lead and held on late. Nice bounce back win over tough Rams defense.

5. Saints (2-0) – Struggled against the Bucs, but another team that is mighty tough at home.

4. 49ers (1-1) – The Seahawks have proven to be the kryptonite for Kaepernick.

3. Patriots (2-0) – This team is only going to get better.

2. Seahawks (2-0) – Can they win on the road?

1. Broncos (2-0) – Manning is once again back to MVP form. Will missing Clady for the rest of the season impact the offense much is the only question…right now.


TRAVIS DAVID is a contributor for FOOTBALL NATION and can be reached at Follow him on Twitter @Tdavid_21.