The NFL or NBA?

What's the difference these days?

That would have seemed like a ridiculous question a month ago. Sadly it's not anymore. It's a pertinent question that demands an answer. 

The Green Bay Packers, Seattle Seahawks and Roger Goodell's band of replacement officials made sure of that Monday night in Seattle.

Fans have long complained, right or wrong, that NBA officiating is biased towards home teams and superstars, full of make up calls and short on any sort of credibility. 

Is there any difference now between that perception and what the NFL is perpetrating against it's teams and fans with replacement referees.

The NFL and "The Shield" had never had a credibility question attached to it. They do now. A big one.

Goodell and the owners have long talked about safety and integrity being a priority in their game. The American game. The NFL and it's "shield". Always protect "The Shield".

No breaking news here folks but that's all it is. Talk. 

Out of both sides of their collective mouths. 

Isn't it ironic that Goodell, the owners and the replacement officials have brought issues of integrity and credibility to a boiling point within days of the death of NFL icon Steve Sabol.

So, this will surely change things right?

Don't count on it. If for no other reason than Goodell and his 32 bosses don't want to admit they're wrong. They haven't admitted a problem yet and the officiating has been awful all season long.

This just magnified the problem.

They're playing the fans, and even more appalling, their players and coaches as fools. They're treating this season like a title match in the WWF. Pure entertainment. 

Saving face is more important than saving a game.

Integrity is an afterthought. Just keep the cash coming. Those fools in the seats will keep paying no matter what happens out there.

And the employees, be it players, coaches or officials can take it or leave it.

Might be time to leave it for a while folks. Why should you care when they don't.