by: Pat Imig
Cold Hard Football Facts Fan of Football (@patrickimig)

The setting: 3rd and goal for the Bears with 8:00 to play in the fourth quarter. Chicago trails St. Louis 27-14.

Rams defensive tackle Michael Brockers violently sacks Josh McCown, forcing a fumble.  James Laurinaitis scoops up the football and runs 98 yards for a touchdown.

St. Louis takes the lead 33-14 … but


“Personal foul, roughing the passer, defense number 90. Helmet into chest of the quarterback. Half the distance of the goal. First down.” - Jerome Boger

Tony Siragusa: “WOW!”

Daryl Johnston: “Wow.”

Siragusa: “Helmet into the chest of the quarterback?”

Johnston: “I’ve never heard ‘helmet into the chest’. I don’t agree with that call at all. That’s textbook, in my opinion, by Michael Brockers.”

Siragusa: “No way! That’s as clean a tackle as I have seen.”

Steve Savard, Rams Radio Network: “Where are you supposed to hit the quarterback?”

Mike Pereira: “To me, the head is to the side, I really don’t think - although it’s a vicious hit - I really don’t think it’s a foul.”

The Bears would run it in for a touchdown two plays later. Instead of 34-14 in favor of St. Louis, Chicago trailed 27-21.


The sad reality is that the officials threw the flag because it was a violent, vicious hit. Surely, a violent hit can’t be clean.

This is the mindset and mentality of NFL officials as a result of “The League” and its quest to protect the quarterback.

It has gone too far.

Last week, Ahmad Brooks sacked Drew Brees with a clean hit to the shoulder pads, and the Saints were awarded 15 yards and an ensuing field goal.

It has gone too far and it needs to stop.

The NFL has created its own identity crisis. The sport people love is being tarnished by overzealous officials frantically trying to uphold the sanctity of the league rulebook.

On The Bright Side

Josh McCown is not a face-of-the-NFL quarterback, so at least the ridiculous officiating is extending to the lower tier.

Pic courtesy of SportsBank