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Their guest this week is Ian Rapoport from NFL Network and Rapoport was in Indianapolis Sunday to witness the Colts comeback win against the Packers. 

He was impressed enough by Andrew Luck's performance to say that the rookie is more advanced than Peyton Manning at this point so early in his career.

"Peyton Manning never ran a no-huddle, not this fast when he was a rookie," said Rapoport.

He also talks about covering the game of football when life intervenes and gives his first hand experience on how the Colts are dealing with the shock of their coach being diagnosed with cancer. 

Rapoport also tries to explain what is wrong with the Packers, and looks ahead to this week's Sunday Night Football game between the Texans and Packers. 

Rapoport also says:

  • Indianapolis is finding out there is no playbook for playing without your head coach
  • Luck consistently found Reggie Wayne open despite him being covered by two guys
  • The Packers problems center around a lack of depth at receiver and poor blocking
  • The Minnesota Vikings are for real

Steve and Don kick off each podcast with "3 Things" but manage to tackle so much more. In this week's segment they discuss the fifth week that was in the NFL, discuss the commisioner's decision to reinstate the "bounty gate" suspensions, and pay their respects to the careers of Kevin Faulk and Billy Cundiff. Steve and Don close the show with a listener email about Michael Vick and One More Thing. 

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