Hosts Steve Bennett and Don Russ interview the biggest names in sports media and pop culture each week on Football Nation's The Sports-Casters podcast.


Their guest this week is Ian Rapoport, writer and television personality for and the NFL Network. 


Ian gives Steve and Don a first hand account of the now legendary "hill races" between Adrian Peterson and Percy Harvin. Ian explains why the NFL doesn't really have an offseason, when the busiest time is for a field reporter, and explains why the regular season isn't as busy for a reporter as you might think. 


Rapoport and the guys chat about a the progress of the negotiations between the Saints and Drew Brees on his new contract, the new Vikings stadium, and why the deal failed nine times before passing.   

Rapoport also says:

  • The Vikings stadium will be built soon but the team has yet to decide on the architect that will be hired to build it
  • Adrian Peterson is a beast and is one month and a half ahead of Wes Welker's pace in recovering from his ACL injury
  • Christian Ponder's rookie season compares favorably statistically to Eli Manning and Philip Rivers 
  • The Saints would be wise to not underestimate Drew Brees' feelings 
  • The Saints off-field problems this offseason could make them stronger and expects them to come out, "firing" 
  • The Cowboys will trade Michael Jenkins if he can prove he is healthy 


Steve and Don kick off each podcast with "3 Things" but manage to tackle so much more. In this week's segment they discuss the details of Rob Gronkowski's new record contract and explain why it is essentially two 4-year contracts. Also, Steve and Don chat about MJD's potential holdout, Chad Ochocinco signing with the Dolphins, and Andrew Luck's first day in the National Football League.

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