Chad HenneWhen Monday rolls around and I submit this column I normally try to highlight the best of the weekend's action with a few surprises thrown in for fun. 

I think it's time for a change of pace, don't you?

I like to take chances with my writing, sometimes they hit, sometimes they miss (apparently you folks weren't fans of female fronted music groups). 

This week, I'm focusing entirely on the misses. I'm talking misses of Ryan Leaf proportions.

This Monday, let's give the spotlight to the dregs of the NFL and accompany it with some horrible music.  At some point and time in your life, some of these tracks might have been a favorite of yours.

There's an interesting variety of crappy songs on this playlist but I had to make some tough choices. Sometimes we forget how many bad songs have hit the airwaves.

For those around my age (late 20s - early 30s) I could have construct this entire playlist from every chart-topping pop song from 1997. My goodness that year sucked. Oh and no lyrics for these songs, I don't want to make your eyes hurt in addition to your ears. 

This week's Tailgate Bonus Track comes from a "band" called Design The Skyline. "Surrounded by Silence" is a taste of how bad these songs are and a reminder that just because you can make a music video and put it on YouTube, it doesn't mean you should. 


Who Let The Dogs Out? - Baha Men

The Jaguars are at the point in their existence that even the smallest moral victory is something worth celebrating. Facing a historically large spread against a historically insidious machine of a team, the Jaguars actually showed up, put on their uniforms and didn't completely embarrass themselves! Pop the champagne Jacksonville, you've earned it! 


Make 'Em Say Ugh! - Master P ft. Silkk, Fiend, Mia-X, Mystikal

The Buccaneers are 0-5 again for approximately the 40th time in their history, they've kicked a recent 1st round draft pick to the curb, their head coach is a maniac and everyone has an infectious skin disease. Don't be surprised if frogs start pouring out of the clouds next. 


Rollin' - Limp Bizkit

Arian Foster is the only thing working on the Texans so far this year. The quarterback, the defense, JJ Watt's nose, all of it is broken. If I were Gary Kubiak, I'd be updating my resume. If I were Matt Schaub, I'd ride this ankle injury out until everyone in Houston forgot about me. Don't be surprised if the front office does something drastic in the offseason.


We Built This City - Starship

Sorry New York, you're stuck with the turnover machine that is the Giants and the next best show in town is being run by crazy Rex Ryan and captained by a complete diva that is a few bad games away from a complete meltdown. Week-to-week, the Jets are unpredictable and the Giants find new ways to be awful. 



What happened to the Vikings? They played their way into the playoffs at the end of last year and looked like the only ingredient they were missing was consistent quarterback play. Now? They look to be rapidly reversing course and might be yet another team in the Teddy Bridgewater sweepstakes. After Adrian Peterson is being fitted for a jacket and giving his acceptance speech in Canton, I think we're going to be shocked at how many years his talent was utterly wasted in Minnesota. 


Monday Night Dedication 

You're The Inspiration - Chicago 

Even though the Colts gave away a first round draft pick for a running back that is slightly better (maybe?) than Donald Brown, something tells me the Colts will find a way to make some serious noise in the playoffs. Andrew Luck might never be the statistical wunderkind his predecessor was, but he just wins and he seems to elevate everyone else's game. Except Trent Richardson's.